We need actual tutorials. I am sick and tired of supports that don't rotate, ward, or engage. Sick and tired of adcs that don't understand what adcs actually do, they don't focus objectives, chase kills, don't invade and REFUSE to ward. Worst of all, both don't understand that they are suppose to kill the purple buff after clearing wave, I have seen so many games in which at least 1 idiot in duo STANDS STILL or runs around the lane after clearing.
Then there's the idiot in jg, why the hell do they not know how to gank? Why do they run straight into lane in FRONT of the enemy? Why do they not try to invade when its a 3v5? Meanwhile the solo laner decided Void Shield as first item is better than Gladiators/Berserker... I can't even... *facepalm*

PS: I am a fill main, so I end up playing support a lot of the time and it's very frustrating to have a brain dead team.