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Thread: "Disconnected" and still receiving info

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    "Disconnected" and still receiving info

    Time: Around 21:40 (UTC +2, Helsinki time)
    ID: Impossible to retrieve
    EU Server (obviously)

    So right now I was in a conquest game queued with a friend (I was playing Ymir, he Bellona, can't remember everyone else's gods), and mid match I got the message saying that an ally had gone offline, which happened to be me. Up to them, everything worked fine 100%. And though I got the DC message, I was still receiving game chat (though the server didn't seem to be able to receive any from me), and wouldn't actually kick me out (visuals seemed to still be bugged). So I did what anyone not wishing to waste time and get back into the game would, I closed the game and opened again. After I logged back, I did not get returned to game. It took a while for the full game to allow me to see the play button (and the other ones at the top), but then everything seemed "fine". Except there was no trait of the match. Nothing in my profile, no goodwill reset, nothing (my friend was also DC, but dunno if he or the server disconnected him).

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    I have this problem too

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