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Thread: Bellona isnt even OP but she'll get nerfed

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpacεMilk View Post
    I wonder how you survived in the reall world without being able to tell when someone is being sarcastic. Must be all that sodium playing tricks with your mind.

    Fist of the God on Baloney will do just fine. No need for buff I guess.
    Have you any idea how difficult it is to tell if someone is being sarcastic just by reading what you say?
    I may be a dragon, but I'm not a mind reader.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HawkboyJr View Post
    1. Even with a Brawler’s Beatstick, she has incredibly high dps with her Scourge. 3 seconds is a very long time to have to run from someone with a dash slow, a leap stun and passive movement speed. Additionally, due to the efficacy of her sword and shield, she can pop her scourge at any point during the fight, she isn’t even remotely required to initiate with it.
    2. Greater Sprint counters both and Heavenly Agility counters both and Brawler’s Beatstick. You can’t takeGreater the god awful Bellona’s we’re seeing on day one as examples for how she’ll be played in league. A good player needs to be able to recognize when he’s outplaying his opponent and when his opponent just sucks.
    3. Yeah… no. Her dash has plenty of range to initiate on someone trying to poke you. As they move up for the poke, you move up, you dash, you fight, it’s not hard.
    4. What is a Hercules? You initiate with your dash, meaning your damage reflection is always going to be up for the first couple of seconds of the fight, which is when you would have taken the most damage if you were anyone else. If they retreat, you can leap after them. If they don’t and their line breaks in order to best protect the squishies, you can go into your hammer, easily getting a 90%+ modifier and going into those AoE attacks.
    5. Actually, it does.
    6. Not relevant to anything I said (but coincidentally false, since her 2 and 3 both give her excellent jungle clear – not on Bakasura’s level, but she hard counters him anyway).
    1- No 3 seconds isn't much time unless she's built purely to be ultra sticky, and it's easy to negate, and she's lost the scrouge if she's hit you with the slow. If she hits you with the slow, look down.
    And Brawlers/Weakening aren't to shut down her DPS, they're to shut down her 3 attack heal.
    2-Greater Sprint only counters Weakening Curse's movement speed debuff, unless she's packing Fatalis she's wont have the sticking power once you bring out Greater Sprint, in which case she's also having to counter build and at this point, you need to learn to be careful. Ideas include not going out alone and learning to use your towers in your favour.
    3- It sounds like you don't know how to poke. If she begins moving forward, aim for where she's going to be, launch, back off. Most pokes have a minimum range of 55, the outer limit of her dash is 55 and she'll then need to catch up to you as there's still distance between you
    4- A god, why are you asking? Dash initiation is short range and easy to prepare for, block only helps with non-ability damage which wont be all of it [and first few seconds, no, it'll be shut down within a second with massed fire], and your situation is a two if statement chosing favourable situations, you haven't given a if line doesn't break.
    Much of the game depends on relative player skill, yesterday I lost two games total of 8ish [With one being with a self professed newbie.], and the Bellona on my team when present always sucked balls.
    5-Really? I'll have to check that, I never saw it activate when attacking towers/pheonix/etc.
    6- Yes it was, you can't camp her, so to check that we put her in the role of jungler.
    Yes, 2 and 3 give her excellent jungle clear, heck, just her 2 does... They also burn through her mana like a fire given access to pure oxygen, and given camp distances she'll often need to refresh abilities between camps. This allows for you to wait a little and gank her once her mana's down, unless she's stolen the mana camp from a rather unimpressed mage who'll now be loosing his lane.
    I don't need to back down until I die... Makes attrition warfare much more onesided.
    High Mana/Health regen FTW!

    I'm sorry, but my lane clears weren't nerfed. Minion Charge!

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    As things are I will be locking this thread since there has been an array of these threads plus the OP opening statement was not very constructive on this. Thread locked.
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