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Thread: Most Intensive Matchups!

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    Intensive as fuck.

    More intensive. Lost cuz I was counterpicked. And that chronos is the second best I ever saw.

    This is the most intensive one I remember
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    the most intensive moment was my last league match:, yes I'm still in qualifying btw.
    at 30 minutes in we (both teams) realised if I (loki) died we would lose and if Artemis died they would lose, at 50 minutes in fg is started, fg isnt leashed for a minute and both teams are trading control, they take fg, I ult ymir (wanted to ult baka) ra snipes 3 of them (baka, ymir and chaac), baka and ymir die, fen died to artemis, chaac killed ra, ullr killed artemis and stayed alive because of amazing body blocking by sobek, me and ullr clean up the rest, 70 second respawn on everyone, we kill the titan (ullr died to titan).
    I didnt expect such a game when I picked loki, the only reason I picked loki is cause I thought it was baka solo.
    I don't like being squishy, I prefer being a raid boss

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