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Thread: Treasure Chests.

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    Question Treasure Chests.

    Ok so treasure chest have being arround a while now starting with ymir nuclear winter and bacchus but im noticing that hi-rez i'ts increasing those number of treasure skins allot i will explain to you get my point let's say in next patch i want the la roca hercules skin and it's a treasure one and i only want that one and then they put 5 other skins i don't want and force me to waste moore money and to gamble on skins that i don't want at all i know this would make a treasure chest useless but nobody likes to roll 400 or 600 gems and get another skin, opinions? i think they should stop with those treasure chest was so good back then i know they are being good with players with gem events and stuff but gambling it's never good, i think in the first treasure chest you had to spend allot of money to get the bacchus or ymir skin because there was only 1% chance to win those, like wtf xD
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    Look at it as an incentive to become a millionaire. Than you will not mind, and Hi-Rez guys will get their share.

    Besides that, Smite has a totally honest and fair monetization system compared to the plethora of F2P games I played. That's coming from an F2P bum.
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