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Thread: Why is Anubis listed as very hard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grilleds View Post
    Considering all of that. Saying Kukul is significantly harder to play than Anubis in later levels, but is easier when first starting out.
    Fixed it to be a little more accurate, but everything else was spot-on.
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    oh, right. i guess anubis does have a slow. it feels like he doesnt since more often than not i only get one tick of damage on a god before they can walk out of it. all you need is one tick of a whirlwind.

    in addition a full duration end game grasping hands will take a god to half by itself, while a late game tornado will leave about a third and as stated all you need is that one tick to proc it. so saying its sickeningly more damageing is a bit farfetched.

    as for the ultimate, i dunno. i never played classic ao kuang/kukulkan much because i always viewed that kit as overpowered(i have this kinda psuedo chivalry where i refuse to play gods that i currently view as too strong or op. i dunno roflestomping someone with a god like herculese or posiedon just seems. .. unsportsmanlike), but the few times i did break down and play him i had no trouble landing his ultimates. i guess that stems from the positioning factor that those who play anubis a lot naturally pick up. i might have to try the noodle out again some time, a lot has changed since the last time i played him but that ult hasnt really.

    oh, and having the worst escape is stiiiill better than not having one at all.
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