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    Supporting Help

    I really need some help supporting. I tried to do some league matches, and I am not prepared for that, so I'm not going to do it until I feel sound on my abilities. I did 2 league games, both of them supporting. One was as Ymir, the other as Chang'e. I did another normal match as support Aphrodite. Long story short, my carries raged at me all game long, each game. I went something like 0/10/3 as Aphrodite, 1/7/13 as Chang'e, and 3/11/10 as Ymir. The only game I won of those three was the Chang'e game, but no matter how well I did that game after leaving the laning phase, everything was my fault.

    Basically, I have no idea how to really support. I support a lot in League of Legends, but they seem really different here. I know Chang'e isn't the best support, but I suck at Ymir, so I thought I'd give her a try. I could use help in learning what to buy and when to buy it, which gods are good at it in what matchups or just in general which ones are good for supporting, where to ward for optimum coverage, active items, play styles for different gods, synergy with the hunters, when/if to roam, all of that lovely stuff. Any support knowledge would be helpful.

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    basically it seems that you are having a problem with dying since your k/d is not the best so i will lend advice for that. To start off only use a healer support if you already have experience as a decent support. using them is far more tricky than using a recommended build on a guardian. Next choose a god that has a jump or run Bacchus/Sobek/Athena/Hades/Kumba/Geb. using one of them will allow you to escape from a situation that you would have died in with a different god. Second, it is okay to let your adc die as long as there is a decent chance that you both will die. Fighting fed enemies is no fun for anyone. lastly, Ymir is most definatly my favorite tank so i suggest that if you wish to use him again learn to use the greater blink and wall combo for an escape from most situations.

    Hope this will help!

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    Judging by your posts, a lot of this you already know, but I’d rather include information you already knew than not include information you didn’t, so here it goes. Fair warning, Support is probably the most challenging and undervalued roles in smite at the moment, so you’re in for a steep learning curve. Starter Items: Watcher’s Gift, Hand of the Gods, 3 Health Potions, 3 Mana Potions, 2 Wards
    Core Build: Midas Boots, Sovereignty, Magi’s Blessing
    Essential Actives: Wrath of the Gods, Greater Blink
    Situational Items
    Damage: Void Stone, Mystical Mail, Soul Reaver
    Defense: Witchblade, Stone of Gaia, Hide of the Urchin
    Purchase 2 Wards and rush to place them just north of the mid harpies on the long lane side and just between the gold fury and the enemy blue buff, then return to spawn to purchase the rest of your items – don’t get caught for an easy first blood and save your first point in case you need to buy your escape/cc before your clear move.
    Early Game
    Go to the mana buff camp on the long lane side of the map. If you are on the order side, you should meet your adc there, but if you are on the chaos side, your hunter will likely start at the mid harpies and expect you to solo it (try to save the big minion until they arrive, so you can split the experience). If you are doing the camp together, let them pull the camp’s agro, since they have more sustain than you do and can pass off the agro to you as needed, to maintain their health pool.
    Try to take the buff camp without using your HotG if you can, so you can instantly clear the first wave of melee minions, getting you and your lane mate to level 2, giving you both the level and lane advantage. If the enemy is too aggressive, you have the potential to secure a kill right there and win your lane within the first wave.
    In lane, your job is to make sure your partner can get close enough to the wave to clear it efficiently without taking too much harassment and keep your health and mana pools high. If either drops below 50%, pop a potion and keep playing. If your team mate does something stupid, like rush an enemy wave or try to harass the enemy at bad moments, you have no obligation to join in if you think you’re at risk of taking a lot of harassment or getting killed yourself, even if the adc tries to blame you later.
    At about 2:50, you want to leave your lane and rotate to mid lane (depending on whether or not you have enough leeway to do so) and help fight over the mid harpie camps. Use your crowd control as best you can and set-up kills and protect allies as best you can, just remember that almost everyone has better stats than you at this point, since you likely only have Watcher’s Gift and (maybe) Midas Boots, which give a total of 200 HP between them (nothing, so far as combat stats go).
    You want to have Wrath of the Gods available to you soon after finishing your Midas Boots or at some point while building your Sovereignty, so you can secure the Gold Fury. If you kill 2 or more members of the enemy team or force 3 or more members back and you still have access to your damage dealers, encourage them to go to the Gold Fury as soon as you have WotG up. An early Gold Fury can easily decide games.
    Mid Game
    After the first mid camp fight, you effectively become a second jungle; travel around with your jungle and split camps with them, gank other lanes and help lanes that are losing or getting ganked. Keep buying Wards and make sure to have a Sentry Ward up on Gold Fury as often as possible while it is alive – if you see it removed, go investigate and plop another one down.
    Keep in mind that other lanes are responsible for warding themselves as well, just fill in gaps that they may have missed. It’s a favour to them and nothing more. Swing around for mid camps when you can (they spawn every 3 minutes) and keep the pressure on any lane without a dash, a jump or a teleport as best you can, as you have the most kill potential in these lanes.
    Try not to waste your WotG on jungle camps either, unless the Gold Fury is going to be down for a while, since it is your team’s only way of guaranteeing that it won’t get stolen.
    Speaking of stealing objectives, it’s really quite simple – you wait for your opponents to get the Gold Fury or Fire Giant down to 25% of its health, then you dash in (or, if your character down’t have a dash, you’ll buy greater blink and blink in) and hit them with your cc move, then pop your WotG, securing the objective for your team. Even if you die, the gold you’re worth is much less than either objective, though still try not to die if possible.
    Late Game
    Sell off your Watcher’s Gift, sell off your Midas Boots, it’s time to get Shoes of Focus or Shoes of the Magi + a friend (from the list before). Never use your WotG except against the Fire Giant… even the Gold Fury isn’t such a tempting target anymore, unless you can guarantee that the enemy won’t be able to take down Fire Giant while it’s down. Ward everything. Every time you go back to base, buy a Sentry Ward and two regular Wards, drop the Sentry Ward on Fire Giant (if your team doesn’t already have a ward there) and keep warding important points around the Fire Giant as well (though keep in mind you are capped at 3 wards on the map at a time, if I recall correctly).
    Your team will be grouping up and engaging in team fights often – stick around, eat shots and dish out the cc. The more people you can distract or zone out, the more of a numbers advantage your team will have. If you manage to cc a squishy, your team should be able to kill them damn quickly at the point, so don’t waste your cc on tanky targets. If you lose a team fight, peel as best you can and help allies retreat, but stay alive – if you die, the enemy team is almost guaranteed to take Fire Giant at this point. If you win, take as many enemy camps as you can and take either Fire Giant or Gold Fury where possible (starting these objectives is also a great way to force the enemy into a team fight).
    Tank towers and objectives for your team and stay involved, keep your health pool up and keep your mind in the fight. Every person killed is a big deal at this point, since the respawn timer is so long, so kill as many enemies as you can and protect yourself and your allies as best you can.
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    ^ Since that's probably too much to read. I'll try to keep it simple.

    Top supports are Geb, Sylvanus, Athena.

    Try to play one of them. I'd suggest Athena, amazing rotation and one of the best/annoying CC abilities in the game.

    What I build standard on most supports is

    Start: Watchers Gift, Hand of God, Boots, 1 HP pot, 1 Ward.(Or you can do No boots, 2 wards place them at the opposite mid camp, back and buy more pots.)

    Then you're full build will be

    Midas Boots, Sovereignty, Magis Blessing, Witchblade, Stone of Gaia, Void Stone. (End game you'd sell Watchers for Void, and Midas for Shoes of Focus).

    Now for what to do. Mid Harpie camps are God. Go get these whenever they're up. After Midas boots, build Wrath of Gods for objective control always.

    That's where I usually ward early purple is for Senrty Wards. When you ward objectives always use Sentry Wards because they reveal enemy wards. Late game you'll ward around middle and maybe Fire Giant.

    You want to rotate: Mid camp,If you hunter has no problem in lane, Their Support is roaming, you feel like you can help a lane secure a kill, or maybe save someone. That's why I reccomend Athena, her ult (Since you say you've played League) is basically Shen ult. Instant rotation.
    You have to be looking around with Athena though, you see your Chaach chasing their 100hp Osiris to tower? Ult and get a taunt off to help confirm the kill. Mid lane Agni gunna die? Ult him to keep him safe, then taunt the enemy away. Stuff like that.

    For Actives, you'll have one slot open. If you're against healers, Purple Curse, High AA gods like Kali, Baka, Mercury ect. Blue Curse
    And for everything else Shell of Absorption.

    For Synergy these supports basically work great with anyone. Doesn't really matter in particular.
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    and to add onto that try getting used to the god as a support in normal conquest, and NEVER EVER let someone yell at u all game it will throw u off and it wont help. and as a squishy support like aphrodite or change play defensively until u get more tanky and can help ur adc more in the front lines(just keep them alive from the back until u can tank a bit more cause they will focus u)

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    To what has been said, a small couple modifications on builds after s2:

    a) Midas boots no longer exist, so now you will probably like the reinforced boots in that place, or cdr ones.
    b) Watchers Gift is not as worth now as it was before, so probably want to swap it for mark of the vanguard.
    c) Sovereignty now has been split between Sovereignty and Heartward amulet, you may want to check on both and use them according to the situation.
    d) Mid camps now appear at minute 3, so you should join adc and mid in doing damage first, then move into purple speed and to the lane with your partner. By minute 2:45 or so you should head mid to do those camps.
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