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Thread: Unable to connect to server

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    Question Unable to connect to server

    I have been recieving this error while trying to log in a lot, and while connecting to a screen after god select the game will not connect me, and I have to reset my smite multiple times, which wouldn't take a long time except I get the unable to connect to server error quite a bit while doing this. It usually takes 10+ tries to connect to smite, and then i'd be lucky to even connect to the game afterwards.

    Is anyone else getting this problem? An isis I had a bit ago also had this problem, but had a wooden computer and took 20 minutes to connect.

    I have also run the game as administrator in case you are going to suggest that, but I haven't done much other than that, I think this is on hirez side but I couldn't be sure so i'm posting here, this is also happening with the public test version of the game.

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    If you have AT&T Uverse this is a wide spread problem with Smite. I have yet to see a response/fix from Hi Rez about this to date (go to reddit /smite and look up uverse..lot's of people are affected by this)

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