We've all had games and losing streaks like this one I'm on, and this can destroy your TP and elo, making good players want to quit ranked.

The concept is the Match Reviewer.

The idea is that you can put a game into a pool called Matches to be Reviewed. Names are hidden, and you can sign up to review a player's performance in the game, and see what we can do to fix their elo. 3 options are there:

1. Abstain from action
2. Discount game(TP/Elo are put back to levels before the game started)
3. Count as win(player gains back the lost TP and elo, and GAINS half of what they lost from the game).

This could help the matchmaking system and save players from losing all of their drive to play ranked smite. We could offer a gem reward, and you can only review matches of players that are(before the match) equal to or below your rank.

Please hirez, save our elo.