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Thread: WTF happened to my matchmaking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FistofFoo View Post
    matchmaking QQ number 60000000031
    He's got a point.

    Quote Originally Posted by Disquieted1 View Post
    Matchmaking in a nutshell: it sucks.

    Here's how to beat it: Communicate and find the one person on your team willing to work together. Then carry and win with him/her.
    Honestly this. I recently played a game of arena with Bastet, did 30k damage, top everything, more than the Ra and Kukulkan on our team combined. Here's the game: Keep in mind I have about 1780 ELO, our Kuku had 1300.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Disquieted1 View Post
    Bad players.

    98% of everyone you'll meet here is trash tier.
    Yup, I met only 2 good joust players in 3 matches. and in CQ and arena i just decimated everything
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    the truth is the game is DED at least in Europe. I have no other explanation on this bad matches you just get a match with whoever is online. Like im new to lvl30 and i get matches vs platina and diamonds and 10 min ago have a match vs a guy who was obvious a new player with 20% winrate with total of around 15 matches i guess he is like lvl 3-4 why was in my game ? because noone else is online there is just not enough people for matchmaking to work with
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    im not quite sure how you all get in bad matches 24/7.. i mean yes i do get bad players with me or against me sometimes but bigger problem is that some players just dont listen/communicate. makes it way harder to play when they dont use mia but not impossible.

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