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Thread: How do you turn off the chat ingame

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    How do you turn off the chat ingame

    I do not care as much for the people spamming
    "ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK" voice thing. But It irks me that I have to wait AFTER the match before I can block the asshole (s) that called me names, told me to quit the game because saying that it would be befefical for the others and supposively reported me and the teamate that was silent the whole match for dying.

    Dying in a game, should I remind you, where the point is the KILL eachother and that you are expected to die when facing people in combat.

    I unfortunatly did not think of taking screenshots, but I reported and blocked the guy. But I HATE not being able to shutdown the chatroom so that can focus on playing instead of assholes. I'd ask ingame but I am tired of being called names for learning.

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    Hold Tab. Click Speaker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RyuSenshi View Post
    Hold Tab. Click Speaker.
    this is how you do it, yep.
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