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Thread: Attention Multigaming Clans - Please Read

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    Attention Multigaming Clans - Please Read

    I'd just like to ask that you guys do your part in keeping this forum clean.

    If you have a structure change and lose/change a recruiter or higher up, and need to make a new topic, please give me a PM so I can close and edit your old topics to prevent confusion for your possible recruits.

    Please continue keeping to your original topic for the bulk of your recruiting activities.

    Do NOT do a copy and paste answer to every LFG post you see, as this can get you banned from these forums for spam.

    I encourage your recruiters and admins to try and be active in these forums as well as change your avatars, as the "cupid avatars with low post counts" are not appealing to new members generally.

    If you have any questions concerning anything in the LFG forum, please feel free to give me a PM.
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