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Thread: Hun Batz Ult didn't CC guan yu while using his 3.

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    Hun Batz Ult didn't CC guan yu while using his 3.

    Alright so I just got out of a match where I was playing Guan Yu and during a fight enemy Hun Batz ult'ed and surprisingly I wasn't CC'ed...sort of. His ult did successfully go off and was "CC'ing" me, as in the indicator for being CC'ed was appearing and acting as normal but I was unaffected by the actual effect. I had been activated my 3 just as he was casting it so I assume it is a very small bug that probably occurred because I had activated my 3 at just the right moment. For more info behind it I had sovereignty, CC reduction boots and mail of renewal as my items and salvation as my active I had no items that could have made me CC immune nor did I have any gods on my team that could have made me CC immune. Probably a very rare occurrence but it did just happen and thought I would report it. Happy Smiting!

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    can you reproduce this glitch?
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