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Thread: Tired of losing matches because of the lag

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    Tired of losing matches because of the lag

    As the title says, i'm tired of losing matches because everytime there's people getting randomly Disconnected, having peaks allover the place, and other issues that compromise the entire game or just make the whole experience tedious.
    Every other game i have don't give me any connection problem, and when there's some big update still run fine (and those are pretty popular games too), why does this one have such problematic servers that i can't even see where i'm going or attacking without having my visual and character scatter allover the place ?

    I think i'll take a break from this game for some time, hoping this problem will be fixed since i don't want to give up on this game because of some tecnical difficulty, i wanna play with the Gods i like and have people doing the same but at the moment it's just impossible having such problems at every match.
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    I understand it man haha. Every few games ill get one match that sits at 300 ping and I can't do a thing. Im not sure but this could be because of the growth of the game and the in ability to keep up with the masses but I hope they fix it soon. I do hate how even in the matches where I'm at a good ping and I am doing well someone will DC and we either lose or just start killing them if the DC was on the other team.There is just no way to win a man down unless your team is just stomping the other. I feel like there should be a way they balance the loss of a player. Like giving decreased respawn times for the team with a man down or something. It would be a serious task to figure out a solution that is fair and balanced for both teams.

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