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Thread: Why I think conquest is the worst gamemode! (why I think)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MetalMilitant View Post
    Being a dick or a douchbag can't be fixed in a system, I am not defending the MM i am just saying that a system can't change a person from being toxic or changing a bully, you might get matched with a good player but in reality they're just bullies and douche bags..

    I understand that getting matched with "Bad" or inexperienced players is always frustrating, but blaming a system for matching you with a bully is just a little confusing to me, MM can't stop people from quitting the game mid match, or just going afk. we might have to start blaming the community and not the MM about these things.
    I don't understand why you're not comprehending this.

    Rage comes out of frustration, if every game feels like a flip of a coin, or you're a good player being matched with/against bad players, or a bad player being matched with/against good players, it's incredibly frustrating.

    It's literally directly tied, there's no arguing it, lol.

    Yes, MM can stop AFKs/leavers etc by having a progression feeling. When I level up a smurf in LoL (I've leveled 3 smurfs) I always... ALWAYS feel a slope of progression, and around level 15 there are rarely leavers/afkers. Games constantly increase in quality and the players that DC/lag nonstop/leave all the time just quit at lower levels. Which honestly is what they should do, if you can't stay connected or you have to leave all the time you shouldn't be playing a competitive game.

    I don't rage in games, but I do get frustrated. Lack of a good matchmaking system is probably my absolute number one way of getting frustrated, and I'd go as far as to say that's the number 1 reason for 95% of the playerbase getting frustrated.

    Right now I'm level 14, I'm getting matched with people who don't even speak english and have a ~30-40% win ratio with a 1:10 KDA while I'm sitting at 59% win ratio with a 3+:1 KDA. That's frustration. That should never happen. I should be playing with and against similar players. It's a flip of a coin whether I win or not, even though I hard carry every single game (check match history). Maybe MM is designed to screw you if you go over 60% win rate, because every time I'm about to hit the threshhold I get matched with 30-40% win rate players that can't speak english and go 0-20 on Thanatos vs 3 level 30 high mastery players.
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