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Thread: Bellona Feedback - 2/19

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    Waaaay 2 broken.. She needs another nerf preferably one that actually does something. (sorry for how salty I am... Bellona is just way to broken for me to actually enjoy the game..)

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    Quote Originally Posted by KAKLAW View Post
    50 heal per third hit is awful now it's one of the worst heals over time.
    Her passive is on par with Sobek's.The MS is what makes it great.
    Her 2's burst can be cc'd and put on cd and it lost it's lifesteal so it's kinda not that amazing.

    She's like every other warrior now but Vamana or Herc.
    dreadfully mediocre.
    Except that heal can comfortably be kept active for multiple waves, the passive is Sobek’s plus boots 3 because why not, her 2 still hits like an ultimate on a 10s cooldown if you’re not being stupid with it and set it off in front of a Ymir with freeze up, the hammer still gives you permanent AoE autos in a team fight and she’s clearly not a warrior.

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