Hello guys , Im new here I just wanted to post an idea I have for quite some time already. I love 3d models and art and I'm studying to be chara designer, so anyway my idea is about adding a 3d model viewer for each god in the god selection screen where we check info/stats and all that, so we can zoom/rotate the gods in the menu and apreciate each little details of every new skins/gods... and I don't know it might seem retarded but for someone who likes details its not... and I really think that one of the big strengths of smite is the details of the graphics aspect (gods/environement) so why not make us see all the hardwork into those detailled models up close.

something like this : http://p3d.in/Q4eBI or http://p3d.in/SOE8m but ingame and with the animations going on

Anyway what do guys think about this feature ?