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Thread: So is this general matchmaking or no?

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    So is this general matchmaking or no?

    I've recently joined SMITE and I'm level 9, however, decent from playing other MOBAs which leads to me not being entirely new to this kind of game.

    I played some bot matches and just got the general feel for how things are so I decided to go into normals to try out some actual competition, but I found none.


    Literally every single conquest match is the enemy team facerolling over us where we have 0 chance of winning, making it feel anti-fun, and anti-competitive from how there really isn't any competition when someone is just casually tearing your team to shreds.

    I get that my level is where a lot of noobs are, but I heard that general matchmaking is luck, like you get an amazing team or you don't or the enemy team sucks or they don't and faceroll over you, I was just wondering if this is true, or false, so I can at least expect something in the future while I'm trying to not think about how often these matches are total faceroll of the enemy team.

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    Right now, MM is based off on elo or so I'm told.

    There is no perfect MM system so even if you hit 30. You'll hit all types of players with different styles on how they play the game.
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    You'll learn from losing, and learn the game with time. I got facerolled hard in low levels, my win rate was maybe at 40% at one point.
    Smite is an online multiplayer game. You can't have immediate gratification simply by starting the game. The ground is even. There's another player on the other side. You are not entitled to having everything favoring you at every time. If you don't like it, by all means, go back to the 1-shot-kills-all Aliens: Colonial Marines singleplayer.

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