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Thread: Account banned - "Hacks or cheats"

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    Account banned - "Hacks or cheats"

    Hello, several days ago disabled me the account by the use of "hacks or cheats", when in fact I never use that. I wonder what I do to give me my account? What kind of evidence do I need to submit?, I just was playing assault in the last game and sent a rudeness and server kicked me (Sorry).

    I was trying to login back to my account and the server told me: "Your account has been banned".

    Rudeness: "F**ck you ra" (Sorry).
    Account Nick: CroshGamer
    Date of ban: 13/02/2015

    PD: I send another request for support, but they haven't answered me (waiting).

    PD2: I don't speak english, Sorry for mistakes in writing.

    I hope your answers, thanks.

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