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Thread: Fenrir Item Build: Normal Attacks or Physical Power?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IceBoi200 View Post
    Thank you for that link!

    Misses out one thing though: A preferable item builds if you want to play as AA-based Fenrir. I get the idea about building for normal damage early-mid game, and then if able, late game, sell your stuffs, replace with AA-based items... Legit or will probably get me killed? Or should I just go build AA-based items from the start?

    Method of getting in is just using 1 for closing the gap or initiating, (optionally, ult) then start boxing with AA, if they try to escape or you need to escape yourself, 3. So... yeah?
    As a diamond Fenrir, I usually go

    Hide of the Urchin
    Warrior Tabi
    Jotunn's Wrath
    Frostbound Hammer

    With this build, not only do I stick to the target with Frostbound, I hit pretty hard because of Deathbringer/Rage. I also stay tanky thanks to Frostbound and Urchin, somewhat protecting me from attacks. DO NOT forget about your 2. Your 2 gives a massive increase in damage, and a pretty nice lifesteal buff. For leveling I usually go 3>2>4>1. For Conquest, I'd start Warrior Tabi>Bumba's>Jotunn's> Urchin(This is where Fenrir usually falls off)>Rage>Frostbound>Get rid of Bumba's and get DB

    For initiating, hit your 2, jump in with 1, Ult(If needed/usable), Use 3, AA, use 1 to escape(If needed). Make sure to keep re-applying the 2 throughout the fight.
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    Auto attacks > Abilities. Brutalize falls off.
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