There is not much to say in the thread. I play a game, with players who do not understand Smite properly all the time, it makes games unplayable. I try my best to win the game but it is impossible. It just gets frustrating for everyone in the game as I ask for someone to do something and the other players just get mad because they don't understand why I am asking them to do something, to the players with less experience, their decision is the correct decision. People are not going to listen to someone else in the game because they think that they are correct. I do the same, the only difference is that I am constantly in games with players who really do not have much experience. I want to play with people who are at my skill level and not with players who are not even lvl 30, or play with people who are much higher skill level than me and just get annoyed when we start losing because I am in a match with players that understand the game better than me. I imagine that this is one of the most requested fixes that have been asked for because it is obvious that the smite matchmaking is not balanced at all. The only place I have seen matchmaking work correctly is in high level ranked play when watching a streamer. I cannot enjoy this game when I am not playing whit player that are at my skill lvl.