Ok, I play Smite a lot (Over 700+ Hours)
And well ....FPS and Ping are kinda crucial because no one likes to play a laggy game and well.....heres what happened.
I was able to play on American Servers with 40-60 FPS with 40 to 100 Ping depending on who i was playing with and EU servers was 35-50 FPS to 80 to 120 Ping. I had all my settings at medium except anti-alisaing which was off, and a 1600x900 Res. But yesterday i was playing on American servers and my game shot up to 250-325 Ping which is insane but my FPS was roughly the same and i went to my settings to see if my little brother might have messed with my game settings (He's a troll -_-) and well nothing out of the ordinary except then i saw the Optimization settings which i thought could help sense well it optimizes your settings to fit your computer.....
It launched it all to maximum and my game almost froze on me , so i put everything to low and contiuned playing the game (We won btw) after the game i changed all my settings back to normal and fixed everything i remembered about but when I jumped back into a game my FPS was.....20-30 and but my ping stayed the same. So I technicaly don't know what the problem is and this effects me on all the game modes , not just conquest. I've ran my Anti-Malware program and deleted a couple of things but still the same issue so now im asking the public if y'all can help me fix my computer to run like it used to. (Because It might be a small thing that i might have overlooked)