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Thread: Custom Joust vs Bot + Player

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    Custom Joust vs Bot + Player

    I setup a joust match last night to mess around with some hunter builds with two friends.

    I added a Ymir bot to join my friend on the other team so we could start.

    My friend on my team d/cd half way through the match causing Ymir to d/c also as intended to make the match "fair"

    When Ymir d/cd he was in the middle of the map and I killed him.

    He would keep Re-spawning every 5 seconds in the exact same spot(middle of the lane in the middle of the map) and not move.

    I killed him well over 40x while testing builds. He kept Re spawning in 5 seconds in the same spot over and over and over.

    When my friend re-conencted Ymir remained d/cd and spawnbugged in the middle of the map.

    Now it's not really a complaint because it was easy for me to test various item builds without waiting for a friend to respawn(59seconds) or run to heal and come back.

    Figured I'd post it here.

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    bit of a hilarious glitch, actually.
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