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Thread: Mid laners

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    Quote Originally Posted by oriolsancris View Post
    Without potis? too risky i think, you can get poke so easy in mid...
    i pref start with tiny trinket and two green pots, then boots, and then warlock or book Thoth
    one heal pot and idk man 8/10 times i ussualy stay mid until 1200gold and mid camps
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    I also tend to rush warlocks if I can heal myself (zhong for example)
    otherwise shroud + stage 1 sash into warlocks

    if I can heal myself (or got the mana sustain) I tend to rush warlocks

    so Isis for example I never rush warlocks I need to get shroud else I run out of mana and have to back early
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    I usually try to stay in lane to help secure the mid camps and then usually back after that.

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