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Thread: Launcher won't update to Season 2.

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    Launcher won't update to Season 2.

    So my launcher is broken.
    It keeps downloading the season 2 update, once finished, it merely verifies the download, then says "Smite is waiting on servers", for like 2 hours, then it starts downloading the update again.

    Didn't get to play all day yesterday, now it's early the next morning, and it's still updating.

    It's a measly 400 mb download, yet it's taking 2 days.

    I've tried restarting the service, validating/repairing, restarting the launcher, running as admin, turning off firewall, trying on a different internet connection, resetting my modem, running the diagnostic tool, restarting my computer, and kicking my monitor, nothing works.

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    This new update has my computer reeling
    like wtf lol

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