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Thread: Complaining about primal huntress skin and a tiny bit of discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceRaven View Post
    I don't it's worth gambling on chests to get Primal Huntress, so rather than complain about it on the forums I simply didn't buy them and moved on.
    I wanted to know whether people felt like me about skins exclusive to chests. And yes they do.

    I quite warned that this thread was pretty much about me complaining. So you would not Have to read stuff about people complaining if you did not wanted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disquieted1 View Post
    If there's a Ne Zha pirate skin, I'm buying it.

    If it's a chest exclusive.... Probably not. I hate gambling. It's the kind of thing that brought Aeria Games shit tons if money via Eden Eternal chance packs. And, you can bet that the rolls are rigged.
    Oh yea. Not getting good stuff unless the last couple = fair.
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    All these chest exclusives have completely put me off giving HiRez any more money, especially after not even making Moonlight Love on sale for Valentines day.

    I thought chests were a neat idea initially...You can gamble 200 gems and have a chance of getting either something good or something bad, fair enough. They have slowly turned from that into an underhanded cashgrab by forcing people to pay $50 to guarantee that they get a specific skin that they want in a chest, and they are really milking it by putting every new skin in there and then padding out the chest with skins for unpopular gods.

    I have been about since the Global Agenda alpha and I'm happy that HiRez have had success with Smite, but it's really disappointing to see them moving more towards these kinds of cash grab tactics aimed at people with more money than sense rather than giving everyone a chance to get cool skins that they want.
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    To be honest this wouldn't be so bad if, you know, they started this way. But they basically took a situation where you could buy almost any skin outright and are slowly turning it into a lottery.

    Judging by how they increased the price of the Thanatos Halloween skin last fall, it seems to be a targeted tactic. If I had to guess, that was a test: Can we increase the price of skins, and then put them in chests for players to roll for?

    I think a lot of players disliked that they did that and rightfully called foul. Not that it made a difference, because you also have people who believe in corporate liberty. To that, and this at large, I say "It's within their right to set their own prices, but it was still a jerk move to do that."

    The reason has been outlined many times. It's just a way to shift from buying skins outright to spending far more to get the same skins you want and get skins you don't like and probably won't ever use as well.

    To me, I think it says a lot, how they put animations of their gods waving and posing in chests as well at first. They're just testing their boundaries, and I don't think the corporate liberty crowd is doing the game justice by letting them do whatever they want. Otherwise they'd just start putting 50 gem packages in chests so you spend 200 to get 50. The corporate liberty crowd would be fine with this, and that's just screwy.
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