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Thread: Fenrir builds?

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    Nice tips people <3 thanks.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I'll give the Def items plus 1 or 2 power items a go. I'll give it a try next time I get to play Fenny. Keep em coming if you got anything else. Thanks.
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    I personally love to play Fenrir as a sustain boxer. Burst down their health while bursting up yours.
    This is a Jungler build.
    As of season 2 I go;
    Ninja Tabi>Jotunn's Wrath/Executioner>Asi>Deathbringer>Situational>Rage
    I normally don't get Deathbringer before Rage, but I just like the power boost. The situational can be anything, literally anything you like. I max my 2 second and always try to use it at full runes.
    But this build is suited for my playstyle, not yours. I've had very good luck with it, but that doesn't mean you will. As someone said earlier, there is no one good build for Fenrir. Just experiment and see what works for you, don't think that an item will never work until you have experimented with it.

    Happy Fenrir-ing.
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