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Thread: Loki Conquest build

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    What do you guys think about this build?
    Devo gaunt>40 P.Attk boots>Hydra>Jotunns>Titan Bane>Qin's Sais
    As active I use sprint to catch enemy if he is running and mana heal (salvation)

    Also what do you think about this attack. First I activate aimed strike+vanish and I use ultimate on god, then I finish him off auto-attacking.
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    I don't know if you'd need a dev gauntlet, the sustain is nice but if you do it right you'll kill everything too fast. The fact is now that without aegis being able to be used under cc, all loki has to do to get a kill is gank with his ult. It's honestly too powerful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HawkboyJr View Post
    Even if you are very comfortable with the god, I still wouldn’t recommend it, but you’ll probably not want it by then anyways since Transcendence is better in every way and double stacking is generally really hard unless you’re up against badies.
    double stacking is a lot of fun lol its tuff to pull off but meh do it often in my duo lane when I was winning Do devo and Transedence with rama. Cause have a geb ult then my ult and tada they are dead but that was S1 so don't know how viable anymore to do that. With loki its not really a risk if you know how to play him. In all honesty only time should die is late game when you have full stacks and anyways its simple decoy two waves and tada got heart seeker back.
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