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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiynks View Post
    Greater Aegis no longer works while CC'd

    Guess I will be insta-quitting any game with an enemy Loki in it from now on.

    Seriously HR, this was one of the very few ways to let squishy characters have a chance of surviving the Loki ult and you just took it away from us. What do we do now? Buy beads and aegis and hope I can hit both fast enough to save myself? Goodbye active slots, looks like you just got filled by a required build.

    Honestly there is to much CC in the game as it is. Team fights have boiled down to who can get their stuns off first. Magi's doesn't help much when there are so many attacks that can clear it off of you for practically nothing. A half competent Geb can clear Magi's from an entire enemy team with one ability!

    You need to take a good long look at CC. Being chained CC'd and burst down before you can do anything to save yourself does not reflect skill and it's just plain not fun. Especially since a lot of the CC in the game take little skill to land and has short cooldowns.

    Please reconsider this change.
    I totally agree with you.I hope someone notices this.And did you see new Runic shield ? Its like a joke.It gives physical damage but magical reduction
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firavunn View Post
    Did you see new Runic shield? It's like a joke. It gives physical damage but magical reduction.
    It gives magical power reduction to nearby enemies, and magical protections. It actually makes a lot of sense, but the only downside is that it doesn't do anything useful to long range mages because it's aura is small in radius.

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    Thumbs up

    The game seriously needs more magical flat penetration items, so stop making useless items please !!

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    Feedback in the form of an article for the hunter items.

    On top of that I have two separate issues:

    * Lack of pen boots for magic damage characters specifically. This has to do with power curve and the role of mages as early and mid game power houses compared to late game ADCs/hunters. I might write in-depth on this later, but not the biggest issue.

    * Sovereignty and the new magical "Sov counterpart" (forgot the name) giving the opposite bonus protection in auras. It makes no sense. It's not just unintuitive but counter productive. You buy items to respond to situations. This forces you to either itemize for yourself or for your team. Literally makes no sense.

    For example if the enemy has too much AD, and you buy Sovereignty to punish that, you literally do nothing for your team. You're forced to buy the magical version, despite the fact that it does nothing for you... It's nonsense.
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