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Thread: How does Tribute Point (TP) work? (Conquest league)

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    Unhappy How does Tribute Point (TP) work? (Conquest league)

    Well, first sorry my bad english.

    When i started playing conquest leagues, after i got placed ,when i won matches i got like 10-22 points and when i lost i got deducted 1-6 points. (that when i was first placed in: Sivler I, then i got in Gold I)
    Since i was in Gold I i started winning max 14 points and losing 9-11 points always.
    Now i am in Platinum V and always when i lose i get deducted at least 10 points to 13, And when i win i get 10-13 as well.

    - My question: Why now i always lose a lot of TP even if i end with a good K/D eg. 13/2/11 i lost 12 points (and i was the only positive in my team). And other who ended 2/4/5 just lost 4 TP.... (and Yes, i saw his points before and after that match).

    So, How does TP really work? When you are in Silver or Bronce you gain more and lose less TP? and in higher tiers you gain less and lose more?


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    I don't play a lot of league but i watch a lot of drybear (a hi rez dev) play league matchs and stuff like that. what i can assume is that in the beginning, you earn points easy so that you can advance to higher leagues, but the higher you go in a league, the less points you get for wins and slowly you will get more deducted for losing. This will make every win count more, also K/D means nothing in league, bad picks and bans happen all the time and players will end up having a lot of deaths from one god because of it, (say a jungler that slaughters or a bad mid lane matchup) if anything TP would stand for "Team Points", league is made to be a team game experience, and if you got a massive K/D, thats not gonna make you a higher tier player, its just gonna mean you got the good pick, gank, ult combo, support adc combo, etc. So when you are in picks and bans, think more about your team and less about K/D. Me, Guardian was my favorite class from the start, yes getting kills and streaks is fun and all, but at the end of the day i like being a tank and my teammates like killing sprees, so for a league match it is a win/win. they get their preferred roles, and i get to lead the charge with a Sobek hook and throw.

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