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Thread: A Guide to the Serious Discussion Forum

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    A Guide to the Serious Discussion Forum

    Here's a quick guide to serious discussion. Failure to comply will result in an infraction.

    1) Respect other members

    Yes, this is a rule that applies everywhere on this forum, but it will be enforced more strictly in Serious Discussion. In SD, topics can come up that are a bit controversial, and people, being people, have widely varying opinions. If someone disagrees with you, don't take offense. You're welcome to debate with them, as long as it's civil. Flaming of any sort will result in punishment. That includes (but is not limited to) racism, sexism, or prejudice of any sort (regardless of whether it is said jokingly). Also be sure to respect their opinions and what they have to say.

    2) No spamming

    If you feel the unquenchable desire to post something useless, go post it elsewhere. This forum is here for a purpose, and spamming it is disrespectful to those who are here to enjoy it. Expect the same punishments as any other offense for intentionally spamming here.

    3) Be serious

    For the most part, anyway. What I mean is, don't laugh at peoples' ideas, and take the ideas and questions others put forth seriously. However, feel free to laugh and have fun, this is not a crypt.

    4) Take these rules with a grain of salt.

    Doing something that is clearly not okay, but is not explicitly listed in the rules, in no way protects you from punishment. These rules are here to let you know how things work, not every possible thing that you are not able to do.

    5) Read the entire post before posting yourself.

    Don't hop into a discussion to post once, without even at least glancing at the posts before it. Generally SD discussion won't reach page 3. We're not asking much. Don't want to read their "wall of text?" No one said you had to post here, go to another subforum. I'm sure there's one or two topics that are paragraph-free.

    6) Smite Related talk is prohibited here

    The entire forum that is not in the subsection of "Other" is for smite talk. This is for unrelated news, discussion, and information NOT relating to smite.
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