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    Exclamation goodwill 0%

    so yesterday i was playing siege with my sister and at the start our RA quit or so i thought he came back and said he lagged then my sister quit but she told me she can still move around and see us but couldnt talk to us so she restarted and it happen to me i restarted and it happen again by the time i came back the match was done and so i logged out i assume it was server lag i log in today i got 0% good will -_-

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    They had some issues and or attacks yesterday which resulted in several resources messing up, which most likely caused your issue. You're at 0% goodwill for leaving, but the game thinking you're still there and or everyone reported you from in game. Be careful, if this happens to much you could get banned for 72 hrs without any chance of receiving support or customer service. GL HF enjoy.
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