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Thread: Smite Item Guide [Current as of 4/3/17]

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    Smite Item Guide [Current as of 4/3/17]

    Smite Item Guide
    Version 4.0
    Updated 4/3/17


    This is a general guide aimed at new players to help you understand items. The goal of this guide is to provoke deeper thought on your part to understand WHY you're getting an item, instead of blindly following a build you found by someone else.

    Term Glossary

    AA : Short for Auto Attacks. Your standard Left click basic attack.
    CC : Short for Crowd Control.
    Hard CC : Hard CC are skills that stop you from being able to control your character. Ymir's Freeze, Athenas Taunt, Hun Bat'z ultimate, Hercules Pull and Stun. These are all hard CC's.
    Soft CC : A soft CC is being slowed, crippled, intoxicated, or generally other annoying status effects that will detain you, but not stop you. Frostbound hammer/Gem of Isolation, Cupids Ult, Poseidon's Whirlpool, Bacchus's Ult. These are examples of a soft CC.
    AOE : Short for Area of Effect.
    Burst : This term means inflicting high amounts of damage over a short period of time.
    Bruiser : A god that builds 2 or 3 defense items along with damage items.
    DOT : Short for Damage Over Time.
    Combat Stance : When you are attacked or attack something with your AA, your state changes to "Combat Stance. During Combat Stance, you will move slower during AA, you have defense boots you will lose your speed boost, and some relics will not be available.
    Passive Stance : If you aren't attacking anything with your AA, or if you haven't bit damaged for a few seconds, you go back to a passive stance.
    CD : Short for Cool Down.
    CDR : Short for Cool Down Reduction.
    HOG : Short for Hand of The Gods.
    Channeled Abilities : Any DOT ability that stops you from using any other action while casting it, usually as a DOT ability (Thor's Berserker Barrage,Anubis's Plague of Locusts, Guan Yu's Taolu Assault, etc)
    Tank : A god that builds 4 or 5 defense items, and typically has high CC.
    Rotate : Term used to describe moving from one lane to the next in order to either pressure or defend a lane. (If a support walks from duo lane to mid lane, he rotated from duo to mid lane)
    SOV : Short for Sovereignty

    How to Build

    So, a lot of you are probably here because you can't tell a good build from a hole in the ground. I'm here to rectify that.

    How do I make a good build?

    Making a good build is quite easy, but there are a few goals you need to understand. The most obvious, what god are you playing? Take 5 minutes out of your time and actually read what your god does. Here's a few things to ask yourself, along with a couple rules to learn about building.

    1) Does my god scale off of abilities well? : Gods like Anubis, Janus, Bastet, and Serqet scale amazingly off of their abilities. So you want to match items that lower CD while trying to pick items that boost your power output. Doing this ensures a nice power curve from the start of the game to the end game. If you pick a god that is god awful with scaling like Sun Wukong, picking up items that scale off of power is just bringing you down hard. Item synergy between your god is very important.

    2) Is my god Ability or AA reliant? : Pretty straight forward.

    3) When does my god come online? : Put simply, when does your god do the most damage relevant to the time of the game? Bastet and Thanatos are early game hyper carries that fall off late game. Almost all ADC's are late game hyper carry that are nearly useless early game. Bakasura and Chaac really start coming online in the mid game, and stay relevant from start to finish. You mostly need to focus on early and late game builds, since midgame builds are going to be a bit more advanced. This is one of the most overlooked parts of a team composition as well. You want a mixture of early, mid, and late game gods to be the most successful. Having all late game gods will render you 100% useless in the early game, while having all Early game gods will see you getting curbstomped if the enemy doesn't automatically surrender.

    4) What do I want out of my god? : Wanting a Full CDR god instead of an AA reliant god is night and day when building. Think up a few builds by either searching the net, using my Tome of Athena, or pondering up builds yourself. At the START of every game, look at your team, the enemy team, and define a general build from the start of the game. Remember that you have situational items for a reason.

    5) You need power early game. : The only god that can pull off a fatalis rush is Freya. If you're not Freya, start off with something that gives you power.

    6) Boots second unless you're making heavy rotations. : Boots are a terrible item to get first stat wise. The only reason we even bother with boots is the movement speed. Their other stats are fairly useless. If you start with boots, you might be fast, but you won't be able to put out anywhere near the amount of damage other items will give you. The only reason you should ever start with boots is for faster rotations.

    7) Never buy something just because it gives you Physical Power. : Physical power is on damn near every item in the game. You should consider what the item will give you through passives or other stats first.

    8) Don't buy expensive items or scaling items early game. : You should set a goal of about 5,000 ~ 6,000 gold to buy your first 4 items (including a starter item and potions). If you go too much further past the 6k gold mark, you're going to fall behind. This also means items like Rod of Tahuti, Titans Bane, etc should be off limits. Rod of tahuti is expensive, Titans bane scales on a % of your targets armor. So what's more effective, dealing 8 odd penetration or getting something to deal more damage?

    9) Start Stacking early, not later. : It should be fairly obvious that stacks take time to make. Starting a stack item early is way better than starting it late game. There's very few situations you should stack late game as opposed to early or mid game.

    10) Don't double stack. : Don't double stack. It's a terrible practice and screws your power curve to hell, making you irrelevant until the very late game. And even then, other stats, passives, and items are more useful.

    11) You MUST get movement items. : You have to get movement speed no matter what. You're useless if you can't escape, catch, or rotate fast enough. I personally enjoy the fatalis + lvl 1 boot early build on hunters. A lot of people will grab boots since it allows you to make rotations earlier. It's personal preference, but you must have movement speed.

    12) Build a defensive item on all gods (Excluding ADC's) : Just do it. Buy a single defensive item, and you get to do more than 1 skill rotation during a team fight. You also nearly double your VHP pool. You'll do more damage in the long run, survive ganks easier, and be more viable end game.

    So. Let's take Ra as an example here. Ra is an ability based god that comes online mid game. He's relevant the entire game, and can be built many ways, including as an AA reliant god [mostly for the lulz, but it works quite well with him]. After considering my team, I decide that we don't have enough slows, while deciding that I won't have to worry about dying instantly since the enemy team mostly picked up non burst gods, 3 of which are physical based. I decide to go with a build that will be high CDR along with a Gem of Isolation to help my team out.

    I then define my core as this : Vampiric Shroud, Warlocks Sash, Shoes of Focus, Breastplate of Valor, Gem of Isolation

    Warlocks Sash : I pick this item since I'll be in mid lane, and want to build myself a bit tanky.
    Shoes of Focus : I want a more CDR focused build
    Breastplate of Valor : 3 of my enemies are Physical, so I'll defend against them while getting my CDR to 30%. This will also pair well with my warlocks sash, increasing my VHP by quite a bit.
    Gem of Isolation : This will keep my enemies slowed pretty much the entire time they're in my sight, which will make me more useful to my team, as well as increasing my already large HP pool.

    After this, I'll pick 2 more items based on whats going on around me. I might decide to pick up some penetration, More CDR, more power, or maybe even an Ethereal staff since my HP pool will be annoying to deal with anyways. As you can see, there's a logical reason I pick each item, and each item pairs with both my god and my item selections.

    Building Order

    So here's a basic build theory you should learn, and that's which stats are generally more viable at particular phases of the game. The most important aspect of a build isn't the items you buy, but the order you buy them in. I can't stress this enough.

    Let's take 2 ADC builds, any adc, doesn't matter.

    Build 1 : Deathbringer > Boot > Wind Demon > Malice > Devourers Gauntlet > Titan's Bane
    Build 2 : Devourer's Gauntlet > Boot > Ichaival > Wind Demon > Titan's Bane > Deathbringer > Sell Ichaival for Malice.

    In the end, you end up with the exact same items. Difference is, Build 1 is going to get pounded into the ground so hard he won't even be a pancake anymore.

    Early Game : Power is most important for all damage dealing gods, Defense is most important for tanks

    Why? Early game, Attack speed, crits, and health items are a terrible choice. Attack speed requires power to utilize, crits are too expensive, and health items need armor to shine (Which is why Ethereal Staff is always a situational item instead of a core item)

    Mid Game : CDR and Penetration is best for mid game across the board. By mid game, the bulk of your core build will be complete, so you'll be looking to start maximizing your fighting abilities. Furthermore, supports and bruisers will have completed 1 or 2 items of defense, and you need the penetration to help negate these defenses.

    Late Game : Critical Chance rules the late game, which is why hunters are so scary late game, but so useless early game. For supports, health will become a much more viable stat, since it will create a larger VHP pool thanks to already established protections.

    Exceptions To These Rules :

    : Freya Scales amazingly off of attack speed, so she's actually about the only god you can get away with rushing a fatalis.

    Mercury, Hun Batz, and Serqet : These are the only two gods you can build a Deathbringer or Malice as a third item and get away with it, thanks to the fact that their skills (Mercury's "Made you Look" and Serqets "Deathbane"), and Hun Batz's Passive proc crit chance.

    Core Items, Core Builds, and Situational Items

    I would like to instill three terms into your memory. Core Items, Core builds, and Situational items. You generally shouldn't follow the same 6 items and 2 relics over and over again. There may arise situations where you need to grab an item earlier than expected, or other times it's smarter to build into a different item first, while leaving one item unfinished.

    As a side note, SUPPORTS DO NOT AND SHOULD NEVER HAVE ANY SET CORE BUILD.You generally see supports following a basic build format. You can see this in 2 phases, Your starting defense build, then your 3 situational items. Your first phase of building will include 1 of each defense and a boot, along with a starter item depending on the game mode. Your remaining 3 items will be tailored to the situation and team compositions.

    First Phase
    Second Phase

    Starter Item > Magical Defense > Boot > Physical Defense > Situational Item > Situational Item > Situational Item
    Starter Item > Physical Defense > Boot > Magical Defense > Situational Item > Situational Item > Situational Item

    These 2 formats are standard for any support. Here's 2 Ymir builds to demonstrate the 2 phases of support building, below is an explanation of why I chose these.

    Ymir Build 1 : Watchers Gift > Hide of the Urchin > Travelers Shoes > Heartward Amulet > Breastplate of Valor > Spirit Robe > Mail of Renewal
    Ymir Build 2 : Mark of The Vanguard > Sovereignty > Shoes of Focus > Mantle Of Discord > Winged Blade > Gem of Isolation > Witchblade

    Ymir Build 1 : Three of the enemy gods are magical, so I decide to go with a magical defense oriented build. Early game, physical protections are needed to defend against archers, so I start with an Urchin Hide. After that, I decide I want to make faster rotations, so I grab a travelers shoes. The magical damage is really coming in, so I grab a heartward to help myself and my team defend from the magic damage during teamfights. At this point, I'm feeling pretty weak CDR wise, so I grab a breastplate of valor and spirit robe. Finally, I decide to max out my CDR, and grab a mail of renewal, as well as to help me during teamfights since my team is getting kills during the fight.

    Ymir Build 2 : This is a physical oriented enemy team, so I start with a SOV. I'm also against a couple DOT reliant gods (Think Ares + Anubis for example), so I also grab a Mark of the Vanguard to shut down quite a bit of their damage, while also allowing me to ignore the minions early game to try and be aggressive. I want to start building CDR early, so I grab shoes of focus. I'm getting ahead, but really want some more CDR, so I grab a mantle of discord to fix that. I decide that I want some extra movement speed and heath so I pick up a Winged blade. I'm not really getting much in terms of damage taken, so I grab a gem of Isolation to help secure kills. Finally, the 3 enemies are physical oriented gods who can utilze AA, so I grab a witchblade to protect myself and take a good chunk of their DPS away from them, as well as shut off any healing.

    Core Item - A Core item is an item that synergizes with your god or the current meta too well to be left out. The first example is an item that is required to stay relevant in the current meta. A Boot is great examples of this. If you don't pick up one, you're going to be fairly useless, it doesn't matter what god you're player or what role, you WILL pick up one of these items at the minimum. The second example is an item that simply works too well with your god or play style to leave out. Four good examples are a gem of isolation on Poseidon, Qin's Sais on Kali, Hyda's Lament on Susanoo , and Jotunn's Wrath on Thor. The items I mentioned simply work too well and will be too sorely missed to not include them in your core build.

    Core Build - A Core build is a set of 2 to 4 items that you decide on before you actually start building that determines how your god performs. Hunters generally have the most static core build, mages and bruisers have several core builds, and supports have no core build. Core builds are dictated by your god, your preferred play style, and who you're fighting. Every god will generally have 2 to 3 viable core builds. Here are a couple of my personal core builds for a few gods just to help show an example.

    Artemis Core Build : Bloodforge > lvl 1 boot > Fatalis > Wind Demon
    Thor Core Build : Jotunn's Wrath > Power Boots
    Poseidon Core Build : Gem of Isolation > Pen Boots > Spear of the Magus

    The above core builds are just a handful of core builds I've created. When I choose which core build I want to use, I have specific reasons of choosing this particular core build, and these items work extremely well with my skill build and my personal play style. A core build will not include situational items, and they will contain your core items. Core builds can be staggered around concerning items, and sometimes items will change places, however they WILL be completed.

    Let me explain a little further with my Artemis core build. There's reasons you pick certain items for a core build, I tend to think of it in 4 phases, and will generally follow this order in build. You will almost ALWAYS see a good build follow one of these patterns. You can see it on all of my builds above.

    Starter > Power > Movement > Penetration
    Starter > Power > Movement > Power > Penetration

    Starter Core Build : This is what you walk out of the gate with. This will be your starter item, potions, or lvl 2 power build...or whatever else you want to start with.

    Power Core Build
    : This is going to be your workhorse early game. For my Artemis, it's going to be bloodforge, fatalis, and wind demon, since Artemis loves her some crits. For a Thor, your power core is going to be your jotunns, because Thor needs CD's and Pen. A power core will also be your early game stacking item, such as warlock's sash, transcendence, etc..

    Movement Core Build
    : This will be your boots and/or fatalis.

    Penetration Core Build
    : As soon as you're done with your main core build, you slap on a penetration core item. While you don't see it in any of my Artemis builds, I'll most likely build into either an Ichaival or titan's bane right after my 2nd Power core item. You can see a very natural progression with my Poseidon.

    There's a reason you shouldn't consider any particular penetration item into your core usually. Please refer to this mini guide for information on penetration so you can learn how to choose your penetration item :

    Artemis Core Build 1 : Death's Toll + Spiked Guantlet + 1 Potion > Bloodforge > Power Boots > Wind Demon >Fatalis > Deathbringer
    Artemis Core Build 2 : Lvl 2 Bloodforge + 1 potion > Blood Forge > Lvl 1 Boots > Fatalis > Wind Demon > Deathbringer
    Artemis Core Build 3: Death's Toll + lvl 1 Boot + 3 of each potion > Devourer's Gauntlet > Power Boots > Lvl 2 Wind Demon > Magi's Blessing > Wind Demon > Deathbringer
    Jungle Thor Core Build : Bumbas Mask + Blue Stone + 2 or 4 Potions > Power Boots > Jotunn's
    Poseidon Core Build : Golden Sash + Health Potion > Gem of Isolation > Pen Boots > Spear of the Magus

    In Core 1, I'm playing it safe early game, but decide I have enough potential to snowball, So I bring out alot of power. I don't think I'll have any issues keeping up with people, so I get power boots up, instead of fatalis, and move straight into wind demon.
    In Core 2, I'm trying to go right into Bloodforge early. It will set me back momentarily in comparison with the enemy ADC, but shortly after I'll be able to easily out clear and bully my opponent. I decide I want Fatalis up early, which will allow me to chase down my target much easier.
    In core 3, I'm forced to introduce a situational item into my Core. I'm getting CC'd too much to secure kills or escape, so I'll get magi's to cut that out. My devourer gauntlets aren't stacking since I keep getting bullied, so buying this life saving item and using my ult defensively will allow me to stay in lane much easier without dying, so I can focus on reaching end game.

    Jungle Thor Core, I'm taking to the jungle with Bumba's and Blue stone. I need movement speed first to make better rotations, so I grab a boot before my Jotunns. Then I go straight into Jotunn's to get some much needed CDR and Penetration.

    In Poseidon Core build, you can see I have all 4 of my core phases covered in a very standard format. This line of progression can be seen on almost all gods. Most people don't understand how lethal early game slows are, so I like to forgo a little early dominance by skipping out on a starter item to set up for a lvl 5+ domination. I start out with a lvl 2 gem and a health potion, then move into my power core, which will land me much more DPS overall thanks to the enemy not having any movement speed by the time my iso is up.

    Situational Item - A situational item is defined as an item you will get to counter your enemy or enhance your survivability. The most common Situational item is Magi's Blessing. However, a situational item is also described as an item you'll get to compliment your core build IF certain requirements are met.

    As a bruiser Thor, if I'm ahead of the enemy team after getting jotunns online, I might opt into getting a Transcendence, instead of a defense item.

    If I'm facing one or more gods that rely on Auto Attack (AA), I might decide to get a witch blade to stunt their DPS.

    If I'm in the solo lane vs a Chaac, I might get a divine ruin up as my first item to shut down his heals and keep my poke up.

    Here's a short list of the most common Situational Items : Divine Ruin, Brawlers Beat Stick, Ethereal Staff, Hide of the Nemean Lion, Magi's Blessing, Mystical Mail, Pestilence, Spirit Robe, Winged Blade, WitchBlade

    Relic Guide

    Aegis Amulet - Pick this relic up to dodge high damage abilities, such as the ults from Hebo, Chaac, and Ra. This item should be used to dodge massive damage to keep you in the fight longer, NOT as an item to let you live when you're nearly dead (It usually won't work.)

    Blink Rune - Good on gods with no jumps, or for surprise attacks. You'll see this a lot on gods like Ymir, Ares, and Tyr. Typically used as an initiation tool, you can also use it to dodge high damage (Requires quite a bit of skill + reaction timing) or to disengage.

    Bracer of Undoing - This is a good item to let you tank through team fights if you keep getting focused.

    Cursed Ankh - Grab this to counter healing. This stacks with other anti healing items, such as divine ruin.

    Hand of the Gods - This is great for jungler gods who need two things. A Stun and better clear. Remember that this item has its cooldown reduced by 30 seconds if you kill a jungle mob with it, so always practice securing the kill with it.

    Heavenly Wings - This is by far the worst relic. The speed boost is nice, and the upgrade to get no movement penalty is nice, but remember that this cleanses slows that are currently on you. Any slows that land on you after you activate this relic are kept (Which is why this relic is terrible at the moment)

    Horrific Emblem - This one is hit and miss. 35 units is quite small, so the only time you can really use this item is to target a single god, or using it in conjunction with a blink or jump. Do not buy this item if the enemy god has some kind of movement ability.

    Magic Shell - A good item to get for team fights as a support character.

    Meditation Cloak - Unlike the past three seasons, Meditation cloak is finally viable. This item is great for team fights, as well as sustain in lane when you believe you'll be bullied pretty hard. Remember that this item heals your teammates for 15% of your health and 35% of your mana. To get the most out of this item, you should look into HP heavy items. (15% of 3000 HP is 450)

    Phantom Veil - Good for getting in or out of odin's ultimate, as well as passing a Ymir/Cabraken Wall. Remember that this item affects your teammates too, so you can keep this on constant rotation to shut down these gods.

    Purification Beads - Very strong Relic at the moment for players who are looking for more survival options.

    Shield of Thorns - Get this Relic to help shut down AA reliant gods, or to laugh really hard at the KuKulKan who wanted to commit suicide.

    Sundering Spear - Very strong relic if you want to 100-0 a god as fast as possible.

    Teleport Glyph - Get this relic if you want the ability to protect your lane. This item falls off fairly hard if your team doesn't place plenty of wards late game.

    Starter Item Guide

    Bluestone Pendant[/B][/COLOR] - Great for gods that use abilities like Chaac, Thor, and Odin. Early game, 30 damage is fairly significant, 60 is even more so.

    Bumba's Mask - The standard Jungle item. All junglers should get this item

    Rangda's Mask - A pure blooded snow ball item. Get this for gods you're certain you can get lots of kills early with (Thanatos, Thor, etc)

    Swift Wing - If you get this item, you're practically guaranteed to be bullied out of lane. Only get this item if you know for a fact you'll be hard countered by your lane opponent and don't want to miss waves.

    War Flag - A fairly crappy item. This is pretty much a strange combination of watchers gift and swift wing, except you'll typically only see 6 stacks (And usually you'll only see 3!).

    Deaths Toll - Standard for ADC's and Solo lane gods who use melee attacks to clear.

    Soul Stone - Generally not seen, but it can be fairly disgusting on gods that have to weave in basics. Most people prefer the sustain Vampiric shroud gives you or the Mana Regen and CDR from Sands of Time.

    Vampiric Shroud - Typically seen on gods who can make use of the lifesteal or don't need CDR. Usually paired with Lost Artifact or tiny Trinket.

    Sands of Time - Currently one of the strongest starter items in the game. Thanks to the CDR and passive, this item scales amazingly into late game.

    Watchers Gift - Watchers Gift is one of the best items for supports. It provides 5 points of each defense, gives you mana regen, and allows you to eat

    Mark Of The Vanguard - Used to help shut down DOT gods like Ares and Anubis early game, as well as allowing your support to ignore the minions damage. This allows you to be extremely aggressive for free early game, as minions can't hurt you.

    Spiked Gauntlet - Usually paired up with a Death's toll on an ADC to dramatically increase sustain at the cost of damage.

    Morning Star - Seeing a morning star usually means that the player is going straight into transcendence.

    Magic Focus - Usually this means you're going up against a Divine Ruin early game. All the other items off this tree are terrible choices early game.

    Lost Artifact - Lost Artifact is often seen on players who want high power, but don't want to risk a purple pot start. Usually means a chronos pendant, but can also be a doom orb.

    Soul Reliquary - The only way to make this work is by using a purple pot and forgetting sustain. It affords you the most power, and is one of the riskiest starts you can take up.

    Uncommon Sash - This usually signals a warlock sash being built. It's rare to see someone grab a gem of isolation early.

    Tiny Trinket - Very common starter item thanks to the sustain it provides. When paired with the Vampiric Shroud, this creates one of the safest starts in the entire game.

    Silver Talisman - This should only really ever be seen when the enemy team goes full stupid and picks all magic gods. Remember, minions deal physical damage, not magical damage. And they hurt early game.

    Tower Shield - Just don't get it. Steel mail and smithy's hammer are way better. Furthermore, anything in the Round Shield family is fairly useless nine times out of 10. There's simply better items you can choose.

    Fatalis - Without a doubt one of the worst starts you can possibly choose unless you're freya. The reason for this is simply because you need some amount of power to make fatalis useful. Otherwise you'll simply be an annoying fly to the minions and get pushed straight into your tower.

    Cloak - Literally the worst starter you can pick. It is THE WORST gold to stat ratio in the entire game. The only reason you should ever pick this up alone is if you're rushing urchin.

    Silver Breastplate/Breastplate - Usually a sign of a breastplate of valor being rushed. Not seen too often.

    Spellbound Kusari - If you see this item expect either an Oni's Garb or Shogun's Kusari. Don't get this item right off the bat unless the entire enemy team went magic.

    Iron Mail - Typically seen on supports. Expect to see a Sovereignty built from this.
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    From here on, I've decided to mention each item only once. Basically, if it gives you defense, it ended up in the Defense Items list. Some items, however, are mentioned twice (like Fatalis) Simply because these items need to be mentioned separately due to itemization issues between the classes. Items are listed Alphabetically.

    Physical Items

    Let us get one thing out of the way. Never buy an item as a physical god simply for the fact that it gives you physical power. You buy items for what that item gives you. Physical power is on damn near everything, so it's basically a bonus stat for us. If you're only focusing on power, you're building wrong. Let me show you what I'm thinking when i buy a few items so you can also get in this mindset.

    You don't buy transcendence because it gives you 90 power, you buy it to negate mana costs.
    You don't buy Malice because it gives you 50 power, you buy it for the free auto attack it's passive gives you.
    You don't buy Jotunn's Wrath because it gives you 40 power. You buy it for the CDR and penetration.

    Asi - This item is both a core and a situational item. If you opt for transcendence on an ADC, this item becomes a core item. Asi can also be a great item as a situational item to build as a double lifesteal item if you have Devo gauntlets or Bloodforge instead of triple crit.

    Blackthorn Hammer - This item only works in particular instances. You want to pick this item up as a bruiser who can spam abilities fairly well. Think Fenrir, Guan Yu, and Hercules. If you pair this up with other CD reduction items like bracer and crusher, you could probably get up to 3 entire skill rotations out in a team fight.

    Bloodforge - An extremely potent item if you can land kills. You often find this item as a situational build item for most assassins, as well as it appearing on hunters. It's hard to justify this item early game, despite it being a better version of devourer's gauntlet more or less. In comparison, this item gives you 20 more power, and 10 less lifesteal.

    Brawlers Beat Stick - Good for fighting gods with heals. The passive lasts 8 seconds, so to keep the effect up at nearly all times you simply have to keep poking the enemy.

    Deathbringer - A core item on any ADC crit build. Remember one thing about Deathbringer. DPS wise, it's not great unless you already have some form of crit chance already (For example, Artemis's passive). This is why you see most ADC's picking up Wind Demon first, then moving into Death Bringer.

    Devourers Gauntlet - A core item for an ADC next to trans. Get this item early because 75 stacks isn't easy to build until you're lvl 20, and even then it's stunting your power curve fairly hard. You can sell this item late game for Bloodforge if you want.

    Frostbound Hammer - This is a wonderful item on naturally tanky gods like Osiris. Get this item if you want to keep your opponent as close to the action as possible. Remember that Frostbound and Fatalis work towards the same goal, Keeping you in range to kill your enemy, it's generally just what you prefer to have. If you can swing it, try picking up both items for the best effect, just remember you need a team composition to backup this particular choice and you'll be losing quite a bit of power by not grabbing another item in place of this.

    Hastened Fatalis - You can either choose Fatalis or Boots as your choice of movement. If you choose Fatalis over boots, pick up lvl 1 boot to give you the extra 6% movement speed.The only time you should take both is if you're a melee AA reliant god, like Kali, as there's simply better items that will benefit you better if you're a hunter. See Frostbound Hammer for extra details.

    Heartseeker - Very nice early game item for gods who can't really weave in auto attacks too well between their chains. This item is more or less only once every rotation of skills, so it's an all or nothing type of item. If you can weave in auto attacks easily, You should grab Hydra's Lament instead. A god that this item shines on is Bastet, as her style is more poke once, then go all in.

    Hydras Lament - Aside from the great CDR this provides, this also works amazingly on ability burst gods that can weave in AA's easily, such as Thor, Loki, and Odin. This is basically the physical version of Polynomicon. Another nice thing about this item is the absurd amount of mana regen on it. It's more or less like having a constant blue buff below 50% mana.

    Ichaival - This item is only useful as a 3rd or 4th item. This item is a core item on almost all ADC's next to Silverbranch. You want to pick Ichaival if you're fighting a physical god, and Silverbranch if you're fighting a magical god. The main reason you buy it is to significantly increase your power curve. The issue is that as the game goes on, the power that Ichaival gives you lessens to the point that it's complete garbage. Sell this item off right after you buy your 6th item for something better.

    Jotunns Wrath - This is a core item on quite a few gods, such as Thor, Loki, and pretty much any other Ability Based god. You need to pick this up before your fourth item, because much like Ichaival, the power curve on this item slowly goes downhill as lategame comes, simply for the fact that Ability based gods generally go downhill as Crits come online.

    Malice - Generally, you want to build Malice as your third crit item, but there are some situations where it's good to pick it up as a second or first crit item (such as Loki if you buy a deathbringer). This situation is when you're not relying on AA's to consistenty crit, such as Loki, Serqet, and Hun Batz.

    Masamune - Fairly nice Hybrid defense item for mid to late game. Grab this item on Bruisers and Frontliners. This item maxes out at 35 defenses, while also giving you the much desired movement speed, allowing you to rotate faster.

    Ninja Tabi - Between Warrior Tabi and Ninja Tabi, there's very little difference. If you utilize auto attacks, I suggest Ninja Tabi. If you utilize Abilties, grab Warrior Tabi. There's hardly any DPS drop between the two, so choose your poison. As a side note, Warrior Tabi do give you a slightly better power curve early game as an AA reliant god, but fall off a bit when people begin building AA speed.

    Odysseus' Bow - A fairly rare item to see. The main reason you pick this item up is simply for the poke it can give you. A constant stream of chain lightnings is extremely annoying. Technically, O-bow has the highest DPS potential, giving you a maximum of 100% extra power on a single target, with 200% spread total if all chains hit. Ideally, this item is best served in the final slot of your overall build for the most DPS gains. As a side note, it works fairly well in conjunction with golden bow if the enemy is staying very close to each other at all times, as they should be late game. NEVER Buy this item as your first item. You NEED power to make this item work!

    Poisoned Star - Very strong item on Crit reliant gods who are seeking to box, or can position themselves well in a teamfight. You want to pick this or Wind Demon as your first crit item.

    Qins Sais - Good item to get if your enemies are building fairly healthy or if you have a good attack chain (such as Kali and Osiris). It's also a good item to pick up on some warriors for an extra bit of DPS output end game if you can weave in AA's fairly easily, like Hercules.

    Rage - A pretty terrible item overall. The only time this item is viable is in a pub stomp where you're able to easily get kills. It's a good snowball item, but it's pretty terrible against people who have more than 2 brain cells clinking together.

    Silverbranch Bow - See Ichaival. Pick this if you're mostly fighting magical gods early to mid game.

    Soul Eater - This item is pretty terrible. There's a myriad of other items that simply do better than this one. If you need the 20% CCR, there's about 5 other items that give it. If you need lifesteal, Bloodforge is better thanks to the high power and the shield you gain if you net a kill. If you need the mana, grab Asi. There's just too many items that do what soul eater does, but are just plain better.

    Stone Cutting Sword - Very good item to get as an AA reliant god mid or late game. It's currently one of the most picked items for non crit reliant gods like Kali and Bakasura.

    The Crusher - Typically not seen. It's a bit of an underrated item, especially when you pair it up with the Bracer of Undoing and Blackthorn. This item is very good for frontline Bruiser gods like Bellona, Ravana, and Hercules, who can typically stay in the fight for 2 skill rotations. By getting this item, you typically get an entire skill rotation extra in the same amount of time. Remember, this is a good item for when you can stay in fights for at least 20 seconds.

    The Executioner - A terrible item choice currently since it lost it's flat penetration. Stick with Titan's bane, the DPS is just way higher. (See my Penetration guide that's stickied in this forum for an explanation)

    Titan's Bane - A great penetration item that works well on all physical gods. (See my Penetration guide that's stickied in this forum for an explanation)

    Transcendence - This item is often picked up as a first item to help mitigate mana cost, then sold late game for a triple crit build on ADC's.

    Warrior Tabi - See Ninja Tabi

    Wind Demon - For ADC's, this is typically the first crit item to get besides Poisoned Star. Get this item if you want more movement and attack speed, rather than outright nerfing your opponent.

    Magical Items

    Bancrofts Talon - A fairly good item when you're not full HP. It's a pretty tough call to choose between this item and Pythagorem's piece in my mind. Bancroft can raise you to 200 power and 45% life steal, while Pythags also gives all allies within 70 units a fairly nice buff plus CDR. You lose some power, but your team profits during the teamfight. Bancrofts will dominate the early game, but Pythags will dominate the late game.

    Book of The Dead - A fairly good item to pick up if you want more health during a fight without sacrificing damage. This item pairs up extremely well with Spirit Robe or Mantle of Discord.

    Book of Thoth - A great item to choose on mana hungry gods. Don't pick this item up early game though. Since it scales with your mana, it's just not worth picking this one up until you've built about 3 or 4 other items. You'll be much better off grabbing a warlocks sash first, then going into a book of Thoth. Works amazingly well on Ah Puch

    Chronos Pendant - Do not pick this item up unless you have another form of CDR already. Other items simply give you better stats in comparison to Chronos Pendant.

    Demonic Grip - This item had to be tailor made for Freya. Works great for any gods who can utilize AA's, but it won't work better than Spear of the Magus in most cases if you're fighting a squishy. This item is really only good on AA reliant gods.

    Divine Ruin - Just like the brawlers beatstick, this item is a must to help shut down the healers. On gods that naturally have heal reductions, like Chang'e, this item shines all that brighter, especially thanks to the fact that it's dirt cheap. This also works on lifesteal, natural HP5, and the Stone of Gaia passive.

    Doom Orb - This item is only good if you can snowball your lane and don't die often. You'll sell this item late game for something better, like a Rod of Tahuti or Spear of Desolation.

    Gem of Isolation - I don't think there's a magical god that wouldn't benefit from a gem of isolation. Obviously gods who can keep the spam/DOT on, like Poseidon, Freya or Agni, can utilize this item better. You can buy a Gem of Isolation instead of Warlocks Sash if you don't want to fight over stacks. You'll lose some HP, but you'll gain a better power curve and a constant slow.

    Hastened Fatalis - Unlike with physical gods, you MUST get a boot along with a fatalis. Mages are naturally slower than physical gods, and you WILL be feeling it if you don't get a boot to accompany this item.

    Obsidian Shard - If you don't rely on DOT abilities, or want to inflict the most damage to objectives, this is the item to get. Furthermore, Obsidian shard is better to get if the majority of your enemies have built magical defense, as spear doesn't give you % pen anymore.

    Polynomicon - This is a great item to get if you can weave in AA's between your abilities. Grab this on gods like Freya, Chronos, and KKK to deal out an extra bit of damage.

    Pythagorems Piece - Great item to pick up for Anubis or an AA reliant god. The main draw of this item is kind of a Jack of All trades item. You get 70 magic power, 200 mana, 10% CDR, and 24% magic lifesteal, along with bonus stats that affect your entire team within 70 units. It's very strong during a teamfight.

    Rod of Asclepius - While you don't have to be a healer to use this item, you really should be a healer to want to buy this item. Just to clear some confusion, this item doesn't apply to only your heals, but also other gods healing skills as well as HP5, including the Stone of Gaia passive.

    Rod of Tahuti - This is one of the core items for most glass canon gods. Never buy this item early. I see this happen so often it's ridiculous. The cost of Tahuti is sky high, and it scales off of existing power. Buying it early means you're only getting 130ish power, buying it later means you're getting 250+ power. Only buy this as your 5th or 6th item. To put it in perspective, by the time you buy Tahuti, you could have bought two other items, and gotten several extra passives that are useful earlier rather than later.

    Shaman's Ring - Good for gods who need the most AA they can possibly get, such as Ao Kuang, Freya, and Sol. You lose out on some damage, but the 2% of your HP/Mana is pretty potent on gods who can get 2+ hits in a second. For best results, make sure to build other HP rich items, such as Gem of Isolation.

    Shoes of Focus - The main lure here is the movement. You HAVE to pick this or the magi boots, or you simply will not be able to outrun or catch anyone. If you want some CDR, get these boots.

    Shoes of the Magi - The main lure here is the movement. You HAVE to pick this or the focus boots, or you simply will not be able to outrun or catch anyone. If you want more penetration, get these boots.

    Soul Reaver - This works well on any magical god whether you're a tank Ymir or a glass canon Vulcan. What's not to love about chunking 10% of your opponents life right off the top. The issue with this item is that the passive only works once every 40 seconds. If you want to outright delete one god and have an ability that you can accurately direct only onto that god, you can knock them out of a team fight fairly easily. However the rest of the fight you could be using another passive that you got from another item.

    Spear of Desolation - This is probably one of the best magical items in the game currently. You can pick it up at any time, but keep in mind that it's hard to justify this item early game, when cheaper items will work better for you. Typically, this item is seen as a fifth or sixth slot item after you build a tahuti.

    Spear of the Magus - Extremely Broken currently for DOT gods. See Obsidian Shard. If you use DOT damage (Anubis, KKK, Poseidon, etc) Or can consistently spam, this item is a good choice. Remember that Spear doesn't proc on Towers and Phoenixes. If you want to deal extra damage to those, you need to get obsidian.

    Telkhines Ring - Fairly bad item currently. This is more of a mid game item, however it costs as much as a late game item. The stacking power (totals at 50 for a maximum of 130 power) is great when you're not getting 1 shot...which is during the early and mid game.

    Warlock's Sash - The two most common stacking items in the game are Warlock's Sash and Book of Thoth. While it takes a couple eons to finish this item, it's actually the most cost effective item in the game, considering you end up with 600 hp, 110 power, and 400 mana for 2650 gold. You generally want to buy this item early generally, since it takes 100 stacks to build (Which will generally take at least 10 minutes to build)

    Defense Items

    Ancile - Fairly interesting item to pick up on a bruiser, especially against magical gods who channel damage or try to assassinate other players. This is a hard counter to gods like Anubis, Cabraken, and Ares.

    Breastplate of Valor - Just like chronos pendant, except that it gives you physical defense. Add to that, you get 300 mana to help negate any mana costs. This item works great on any bruiser, support, or mage, but is pretty terrible on power oriented assassins and ADC gods. I don't ever suggest picking this item up unless you have 2 power items (Not including boots) already built. Your power curve takes a huge dive.

    Bulwark of Hope - This is a great item to get on any god if you're getting blasted by a mage or suffering from alot of CC. The passive is basically a Geb Shield.

    Celestial Legion Helm - Extremely bad item. Don't get this.

    Dynasty Plate Helm - Good 3rd item for mages. Only viable early game, as it falls off fast starting late game. Think of this item as a mages version of Ichaival. Buy it early, sell it later.

    Emperor's Armor - A fairly god awful item currently. If it receives about 20 more Physical Protection in the future, it'll become a very nice item.

    Ethereal Staff - This item is decent, but there's many items that are simply better. Pick this up if you're a bruiser or a support god that wants more HP while also getting the ability to deal a bit more damage on entry. If this item had a lower CD on it, it'd be a much more viable option.

    Gauntlet of Thebes - Fairly good item to get for an Aura Tank after you build one or two other defense items. Do not get this item out the gate.

    Genji's Guard - Not a particularly good item at the moment unless you grab a bracer to knock 5 seconds off of your CDs. Could stack fairly well with other items, such as The Crusher.

    Gladiator's Shield - Very strong item early game for pretty much any Physical god who relies on Abilities. It allows you to ignore minion damage, and get healed a small amount during a fight, or while in lane. This item falls off late game, so like Ichaival and Dynasty Plate helm, buy it early and sell it late game.

    Heartward Amulet - This item is good to grab if you're facing quite a few burst magical gods, as it'll help your team survive a bit better in team fights.

    Hide of the Nemean Lion - The reason you get this item is mainly to shut off lifesteal from physical reliant AA gods. A little known fact is that this actually refelcts the incoming damage as magical damage. As it comes back to the damage dealer, it will then be mitigated by any magical protections that player might have. To make the most out of this item, pair it up with void gem, spear of the magus, or something else that will lower their magical defense.

    Hide of the Urchin - Hands down one of the best support items in the game for stats alone. I consider this item as two items when it's fully stacked. Just remember, if you're not getting any assists or kills on your team, this item is a terrible choice.

    Jade Emperor's Crown - An amazing item for a magical god who's facing a physical god in solo lane early game. This more or less lets you bully the enemy god out of lane, since you're preventing them from clearing the lane while also negating any damage they can do to you.

    Lotus Crown - This item is wonderful for Hel, Chang'e, Ra, and Sylvanus. However those are the only gods who can use this item effectively (Aphrodite and Isis can too, but not nearly as well as the above mentioned). This is a great initiation tool if you have your CDR maxed out, since by the time your team will need healing is about the time your skill should be back off cooldown.

    Magi's Blessing - If you're having issues getting stunlocked or keep getting your channeled abilities shut down (like Thor's Berserker Barrage or Anubis's Plague of Locusts) then this item can help you keep your damage up. Basically, this item works as an automatic Purification every 70 seconds. The downside is that the enemies could try using one of their CC's pre teamfight to knock your magi's off of you.

    Mail Of Renewal - This item is a pretty potent item if used correctly. 15% of your maximum HP and Mana doesn't sound like a lot, but this item also doesn't limit you to one time every few seconds. If you kill the entire team, you get the passive proc 5 times, meaning a total of 75% heal on your HP and Mana. The best thing about this item is that it procs against objectives. This means you can freely tank an objective, and get back into a fight at practically full HP/Mana usually after securing that objective. Just like the Urchin hide, this item is going to be useless unless you're actually getting said kills/assists/objectives.

    Mantle of Discord - Very powerful item currently. On top of solid protections out the gate, it also provides CDR. The main lure of this item is it's survival mechanism passive, which stuns all enemies nearby when you're below 30% HP.

    Midgardian Mail - You'll generally have to do some mental fighting when choosing this item. You either want to pick this item or the lion hide. And it simply comes down to what you want more. Midgardian mail enables you and your team to escape much easier, as well as helping position gods easier for your team to land skills. This item also works best against Melee gods, compared to Hunters.

    Mystical Mail - While it's the most expensive item in the steel mail tree, it's also one of the most potent early game. This item deals 40 magical damage every second. Remember that this is mitigated by magical defense, however. So the effects are much better early game compared to late game, considering the lower magical defense and HP pools. Just do some quick math. As a support, you'll usually be in the thick of it for at least 6 to 10 seconds. This means that on a single god, you just dealt them anywhere from 240 ~ 400 dmg, just by being near them.

    Oni Hunter's Garb - Extremely good item for team fights, especially if you can proc a spirit robe passive and a shell (Totaling out at 40% damage reduction). This is a very nice item to pick up in the mid game if you're constantly in team fights and the mage or support are zeroing in on you.

    Pestilence - This item works amazingly against gods who heal, just like the beatstick and divine ruin. Just like those two items, this works against healing abilities, HP5, lifesteal, and stone of gaia.

    Reinforced Greaves/Shoes - These items are good on any and all gods so long as you're getting stun locked or slowed to Asgard and back. This cuts off 30% of all CC time, which makes it that much easier for you to survive. 30% might not sound like that much, but then you need to take into account diminishing returns. Basically, you instantly cut off 30% upon the initial CC. Upon being CC'd again, there's an additional 33% taken off, then 66% taken off upon that. Overall, you end up with 77% CCR when buying these boots, instead of 66% if you're put under 3 CC's (Which happens quite a bit).

    We'll use Tyr as an example (as provided by the book of thoth and reconfirmed by flareb00t)

    2.25s stun with 30% CCR on a Tyr is as follows when facing Ymir's Ice Breath (His main CC, 3rd skill):

    2.25s > 1s (Tyr's passive)

    1s > 0.7s (CC boots + 1st CC)

    0.7s > 0.466s (2nd CC)

    0.466s > 0.23s. (3rd CC and beyond)

    Relic Dagger - Fairly oddball item. You should only get this item if you plan on relying heavily on your relics (for example, as a Blink Ymir/Tyr or as a Bracer CDR overcap build.). It's not particularly in a good spot at the moment. I'd personally say it needs 5 or 10 penetration added and it'll be a very attractive item.

    Runeforged Hammer - Pretty useless item overall. Most anything will work better than this item. You don't want to lock yourself into having an item that only works when someone is hard CC'd. You can get "10% extra damage" from pretty much any other item with a decent passive.

    Runic Shield - A very strong item to get for phyiscal solo lane gods who are facing magical gods. This more or less deletes an item from the enemies build, allowing you to bully them out of the lane with relative easy. This makes the enemy god have a harder time killing the wave while also hitting you like a wet noodle, thanks to the defense and damage debuff.

    Shield Of Regrowth - This item isn't something you'll usually get, simply for the fact that it only works on Bakasura (2-Eat minion), Chaac (3-Rain Dance), Hercules(3-Mitigate Wounds), Kali(4-Destruction), Guan Yu(1-Conviction), Thanatos (1-Death Scythe/Getting a kill), and Vamana(4-Colossal Fury). The key point of this item is the passive, which gives you 35% movement speed for 4 seconds every 10 seconds after using a healing ability. This means you can escape or chase down players fairly easily. Add to that a nice 10% CDR, and it's a very nice situational item that simply doesn't see much play.

    Shifter's Shield - Too many items do more for you than shifter's. It's in a bad place at the moment and shouldn't see play.

    Shogun's Kusari - Get this item if your team has at least two gods who are AA based. Don't grab this item until mid game, however. AA is fairly worthless early game, while it shines the most starting mid game.

    Sovereignty - Get this item if enemy physical gods are a headache and you want to give your team a bit of help against them. Witchblade is currently a bit more viable, though.

    Spectral Armor - Just like Ancile, but for shutting down Physical gods instead. This item is great to combat gods like Thor, Mercury, and Kali, who tend to pop in from nowhere and try killing you.

    Spirit Robe - Do you hate Loki's popping in and bursting you from 100-0? Well this is your new favorite item. Simply buy a spirit robe, and never get killed by a Loki again. Along with some very nice protections, you also get CDR, CCR, and 15% damage mitigation after being stunned (for example, by a Loki ult.) This item works on every god in the game fairly well.

    Stone of Binding - Pretty nice placeholder item to get early game if you're not sure who you're fighting. Get this on gods who have a good spammable hard CC like Ymir or Athena. Remember that this item also stacks on you, so you get to benefit from the 10 penetration as well.

    Stone of Fal - Rarely seen, but works great if you're fighting gods like Hebo, Scylla, or KuKulKan, as it outright nerfs their insane damage.

    Stone of Gaia - Great item to get when you're facing annoying combos like Hebo/Awilix, or fighting a Hercules/Sobek who like to keep plucking you. This is better on gods who already have some form of protections, so this one works best on Front Liners, rather than sheer DPS dealers.

    Talaria Boots - Great item for a myriad of characters. Specifically, this item is mostly used on support characters in Conquest to make faster rotations. It can be used on Jungle characters, but that'll render you pretty useless since you'll have no damage. Supports don't need damage to net kills, they only need to rely on their teammates.

    Travelers Shoes - See Talaria Boots.

    Void Shield - This is a fairly good item to pick up late game on in and out gods like Bastet, who want to reach true damage levels on squishy gods, while also getting a little more tower diving safety.

    Void Stone - Extremely strong item for magical gods who need to stay semi close to other gods. Most magical gods (Not including supports) Don't have any scaling magical protections. At lvl 1, it's 30. at lvl 20, it's still 30. at 30 magical protections, with no penetration, you will receive about 80% of your enemies magical damage. At 70 magical protections, with no penetration, you will recieve about 45% of your enemies magical damage. By grabbing void stone, you cut their damage to you in half. Add to that, it reduces the enemies magic protection AND gives you magic power. It's hard not to love this item when you're in the mid lane. Pick this item up after your third item.

    Winged Blade - This item is mostly used on supports only. It's a great jack of all trades kind of item that's useful as a later item grab for dirt cheap. Specifically, it allows for faster rotations and initiations, thanks to the 10% movement speed bonus. If you're having issues against a Poseidon, grab this item.

    Witchblade - Great item for AA reliant gods who need to shut down healing. As a minor note, Fafnir's AA in dragon form are counted as ability ticks, not AA hits. So don't get this on Fafnir and wonder why your witchblade is garbage.
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    • KingScuba - The writer of this guide
    • HawkboyJr - Double checked a lot of facts in v 2.0, helped out immensely.
    • PapaRodin - Few minor mistakes pointed out in v 1.0
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    Will this ever be updated with the latest version? Bloodforge and Wind Demon need to see some fixing, and I'd say Shifter's is more viable since it's much cheaper now.


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    Agree, I would really like to see this updated. Great guide except that it's out of date.

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    I have the same issue here as I'm curious with the changes to the select various items if thoughts and feels of each item is still the same.

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    Wind Demon: this item is currently a bit over-tuned; generally, I’d say it was a great item on gods like Serqet and Mercury, who like to get in, deal some crits and get out (it also helps with rotation speed, as you have that speed boost off jungle camps and lane farm), but with how strong it is at the moment, I would usually recommend it over Deathbringer and Malice on most hunters as well (this + Deathbringer makes for the one of the stronger late-game hunter builds).
    Blood Shuriken: The effect doesn’t do much, but its price makes it a great stop-gap item if you’re behind or looking to press an advantage from ahead. It’s never the item you want to get, but if it’s what you can afford and you need to get your crit online, it’s a very reasonable pick-up.
    Bloodforge: So far, I’d say this was a late-game staple on Mercury, as it allows him to Kali better than Kali does Kali, but I haven’t found too many other uses for it. The shield is great, but you need to be able to make use of the power and life steal as well, or the price tag just isn’t worth it in my opinion.
    Shifter’s Shield: It’s a much better item on gods like Thor, Tyr and Fenrir, anything that wants a bruiser build, though I still personally value items like Breastplate of Valour over it. Still, early game power is still relevant, so you may value the additional damage over the reduced cool downs, depending on your play style and preferences.

    ^ Some thoughts from a bronze-rank scrub with some decent build knowledge, probably not what you were looking for, but I hope it helps. Cheers!

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    This guide is now up to date as of 4/3/17.

    if you notice anything I'm missing, or out of date information, please post here or pm me.
    Disclaimer: I am a volunteer moderator. I work on best judgement and do not speak on behalf of Hi-Rez Studios. Also I will not be able to contest your in-game ban.

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    Boots second? After starter, 99%, but midlaner rush boots for early dmg, sustain, juke, gank potential. Boots are 60% of your survivability and your chance to engage. 30% is your skills an 10% is the enmies fault.

    You also make it sound like fatalis is an alternative to boots.

    You should update the example with how you build ymir to a standard support build and explain that sov should be built after boots because minions and tower deal physical damage.

    You say everyone should build defences, except adcs. Few midlaners actually builds defences and if they do its beceause they are tired of dying. When you do this, most mages will fall behind in damage and teamfight potentiall cause they sacrifice dmg for protections, which means they cant help the team getting any kills. Exceptions are zong, hades, ra

    I see you already explained the thing with sov, but i still think you should do it in the first section of the examples with ymir
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glorfindal View Post
    Boots second? After starter, 99%, but midlaner rush boots for early dmg, sustain, juke, gank potential. Boots are 60% of your survivability and your chance to engage. 30% is your skills an 10% is the enmies fault.
    If you have no plans on rotating, then yes. boots second. It might help if I place that in my top rules section for clarity I reckon?

    You also make it sound like fatalis is an alternative to boots.
    It is, for ranged gods. Everyone else can sell boots for fatalis so long as they have another 10% movement speed item. Boots are shit, and should be sold late game for something useful. lvl 1 boot + fatalis gives you 2% less movement speed compared to boots. It's a completely viable option that costs a few hundred extra gold, but allows you to kite and chase much easier. It's a playstyle preference.

    You should update the example with how you build ymir to a standard support build and explain that sov should be built after boots because minions and tower deal physical damage.
    There's no such thing as a standard support build if you know how to build. Supports have no core build. The ymir builds I stated are simply 2 examples with a made up scenario to show why I chose said items.

    You say everyone should build defences, except adcs. Few midlaners actually builds defences and if they do its beceause they are tired of dying. When you do this, most mages will fall behind in damage and teamfight potentiall cause they sacrifice dmg for protections, which means they cant help the team getting any kills. Exceptions are zong, hades, ra
    "Buy a single defensive item, and you get to do more than 1 skill rotation during a team fight. You also nearly double your VHP pool. You'll do more damage in the long run, survive ganks easier, and be more viable end game."

    i stated my defense to buying a single defense item. Personally, i tend to buy Spirit robe quite a bit. You can make a glass cannon, but think about it like this.

    If you build 1 defense item, you lose out on 60 power maximum. this means in a full rotation on a general god, you'll lose 180 odd power per rotation. As a glass cannon, you'll get 1 rotation off, then you'll piss off the entire enemy team because they know they can turn on you and make you a pancake for minimal effort.

    If you get a defense item like Spirit robe, you basically get to give the enemies a middle finger, since they'll have to expend much more time and effort to kill you. Instead they'll look at the ADC and go red in the eyes for him, while you get to pull off 2~3 skill rotations. This means you probably get to do nearly thousands more damage, simply because you get 1 more skill rotation off.

    So let me ask you, is that 180 power worth it?

    I also have no idea what you're talking about on the sov thing, as you didn't clear it.
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