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Thread: Played for over a year - New to conquest

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    Played for over a year - New to conquest

    I have been playing smite for well over a year now, but I normally stick to arena and assault. The e sports hype has gotten me wanting to play conquest, but I feel like its matching me with higher elo players. Is 1,500 a standard elo to start me off in conquest or is it placing me in higher player matches because of past experiences with arena success.

    Have played 3 matches on conquest now with all being curb stomp losses. I know it is my fault for the most part, should I just create a smurf account and play on that for awhile in conquest?

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    Making smurf to soak up the conquest knowledge without harming other ppl gameplay is definitely a very inteligent idea, which is quite unique at the same time since most of people doing really bad in conquest dont care at all about destroying other ppl game.

    But remember that when playing on smurf vs ppl who most likely wont know how to play as well won't allow you to learn any usefull things about which you dont know.

    My advise is to watch guides on youtube or twitch. There are plenty of those and often they arent that long and I can assure you that watching 20 min guide on how to i.e. jungle will give you uncomparably more knowledge and understanding of the game than if you played 50 games on your own.

    I would suggest that you choose 2-3 roles which you are interested in and then stick to them. Playing just 1 role is bad because someone else can call it before you and you are left with nothing, while playing too many roles can be bad as well because you wont specialise at any making your overall performance on each role rather average.

    After you decide which roles you want to take, as mentioned before, watch the guides. Watch at least 2 different guides for each role and 1 overall guide on the general strategy in conquest. Many ppl underestimate it but strategy in conquest wins you games even if you are worse of a player or you are having a bad time.

    Personally I won plenty of games where I played really bad, missing plenty of my spells and sometimes even feeding. How did i manage to win ? It's simple - i knew what to do. Simple knowledge about how to farm jungle and lane at the same time, when and which objectives to take can give you insane gold/exp advantage which at some point allows you to 1v3 enemy team even if you aren't having the best day.

    So ye once again. Trying to learn conquest by simply playing the game on your own is rather bad of an idea since it contains lots of strategy which often is impossible to notice/understand when you are playing in smite's 3rd person view. Sure you have to practice a lot by simply playing the game, but firstly you should give yourself a good knowledge background to actually know/understand what to do, and then simply keep on playing using the knowledge which you obtained and you will notice really fast how insane your learning curve is compared to many other players who even after 1k games still fail misserably.

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