i just thought the idea had to be publicized. it would be a very intimidating and also humorous skin with hel having dual pistols and instead of being white but partially yellow in light stance and black but partially purple in dark stance, she would only be black and white having no color at all.Her number one in both stances would be a large sized bullet shot forward, one emanating white and one emanating black, and the dark stance bot would have a small explosion afterwards. then her number two in dark stance would be a smoke grenade. the light version would be hel saying something similar to "stop" or "knock it off" featuring her creating an exploding spot wherever the player decides. her #3 ability will be rather simple consisting of a grenade explosion in dark stance and an inspirational scream in light stance. the looks of the character are up to hirez but she should look pretty serious in both stances, but having a laid back stance when in light stance. They will keep similar personalities but have different sayings or even perhaps a different accent. thx for such a great game