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Thread: Aussies in Conquest

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    Aussies in Conquest

    Ok guys I jump into aussie server now and again to hopefully see if there are decent and on to it players. Yes there are but most are actually not clued on to their roles. Please know conquest roles and before u instalock call your role dont just pick a god and instalock. This server is very bad for this. SO just google roles of smite and find out about it then go play or you will get raged on

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    How bout instead of bitching about it you make a guide for people who dont know seeing as you have enough time to post twice on this forum. I swear i just got this forum account and already you make me sick

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    Conquest on the Australian servers is disgusting to play.

    MM is shocking. You can tell how the game will go by the loading screen.

    Edit: Yeah furthermore I am fucking done with conquest. I am level 30. I get 4 fresh players. 3 of them auto lock assassins and they run around aimlessly in the jungle at the start of the game.

    Fuck off Hirez - Conquest is dead in Australia until you fix your fucking matchmaking system.

    Further to that I don't care if you ban me. The game is not worth playing until MM is fixed.

    And just because I fucking feel like it. Fuck you again - Am nerd raging so bad my neck beard is falling out.
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    How about we just... Close this thread.
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