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Thread: Idea for player reporting

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    Idea for player reporting

    (This is a joke thread; NSFW language; rated E for Everyone) Dislcaimer: despite the language, I'm not a homophobe, pay attention to the context and learn what hyperbole is before you say something stupid.

    I propose a new criteria for player reporting, called "being a faggot". If you're banned for faggotry, your account is deleted, money spent is not refunded, and you are IP banned. It's similar to trolling, in that the person being reported is being reported for being a complete and total fuckstick, but unlike trolls, fags don't ever stop being fags, and will continue to do faggy things.

    If it's not feasible to implement this idea, then I propose an alternative. If someone receives enough reports for being a fag, someone is sent to break into their house and steal something of value to the faggot in question. If said break-in doesn't dissuade his faggoty antics, a ghost is released into the fag's house and haunts him or her, eventually driving him insane and forcing him or her to kill him/herself to be rid of the ghost. It's a serious punishment, I know (perhaps even over the line), but in my defense, these people are serious pieces of shit, and they annoy many good, hard working people who just want to come home and have fun on the game they like to play, who don't want to sit there and be stuck with a huge fag who does nothing but talk shit, annoy, feed, completely ignore, and be a complete bitch to them.

    In all seriousness though, I do think the punishments for trolling and harrassment need to be more severe. If someone gets banned too many times for either of these, just straight-up IP ban them.
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    Reported faggot. Maybe next time you'll consider your words instead of hurting my feelings.

    I don't speak for every homo out there, but I personally don't care. It's actually one of my favorite words.

    Quote Originally Posted by oVentus View Post
    just straight-up IP ban them.
    That's pretty stupid dude. Perma bans are fine enough. No need to IP ban. Even so it's pretty easy to bypass an IP ban.

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    I had a good laugh while reading this.

    Agree. The punishments for trolling and harassment right now are:

    -Losing your goodwill.
    -That's it.
    -Get 100000000000 reports? One hour ban.

    Trolling and harassing is a serious issue and Hirez doesn't do enough to stop it. Something like the Tribunal in LoL may work... except I hear the system is abused a lot.
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    Joke or not, this is still offensive and homophobic language. Rather than remove the post, I'll close it off. If you want to re-post this thread with different text that isn't homophobic in nature, then that's cool, I won't remove the dupe.
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