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    I totally agree with you : RippleApple
    Now I would like you to see my last parties.

    I made 2 games this afternoon, here is the summary of the two parties.
    I first came across a premade with 3 players (that I know very well because they are in my own clan while I on my team there was NO premade). And I know they are ALL on SKYPE because I am also a friend.
    Knowing their level and that there is communication between them I knew beforehand that the game was lost. (actually it has lost because we were not coordinates while the opposing team was-coordinate).

    Then I say hey ... I will try to redo part solo because my friends (clan) were disconnected. Believe it or not! I fell into a team FULL RANDOM against an opposing team that was a premade (ALL THE TEAM WAS IN premade) 4 RANDOM players VS 4 players in a team.

    So I want to believe that matchmaking is very complicated to set up, but you have to make me believe that it is NORMAL that when playing SOLO one falls against premade.

    For me the Premade should be excluded from Matchmaking "normal" system and have their own "section". This is not normal.
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