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Thread: No info about combine?

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    No info about combine?

    I play every day and I only just heard about the combine now. Me and my whole clan would've liked to participate in this and there's no announcement in-game, on the forums, or on the smite launcher. Really poorly managed event by hi-rez pretty disappointing. I check the site every day...what did you give everyone 2 hours of time to signup before you closed it? I really don't get it. Between first conquest game ever no curse anubis players getting in my plat promo games and these poorly managed events its like you want me to quit your game.

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    It was announced tuesday and signups ended yesterday, so there was plenty of time. Also, it was announced on the official site, under the esports tag. However, most people probably read about it on the smitereddit, which is where HiRez always announces this kind of stuff more.

    I agree that this is probably something they should have mentioned on the forum as well, but if you REALLY wanted to keep up with everything Smite-related you would have heard about it in time tbh.
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    It was posted all over Twitter, all over the SMITEPro site for about a week straight.. Probably on their Facebook, I'm not sure. It probably wasn't put onto the forums or their site due to the Community Manager transition.
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