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Thread: teleporting lag only in smite

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    teleporting lag only in smite

    Ever sense the awilix update my ping has jumped from being 40-70 to 200-900. I have tried to play other game and my ping is fine, then I tried playing Tribes and my ping was the same as in Smite. I did a speed test to see what's going on but the speed test results showed up fine. My ping only sky rockets when playing a hi rez game. I'v been with hi rez for a while but if i can't fix this i'll probably never play a ri hez game again. Can anyone help?

    I posted this before and a hi rez person said to re post this with some things he ask for.

    ping-39 download speed-7.74 upload speed- 1.41

    i am using a wi-fi connection.

    I live in U.S.A Ohio

    ISP is att

    I use a private home network

    and this is me playing as Rama 122048643

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    Hey dude, please post your reply in your first thread:

    That way we avoid duplicate topics for the same issue.

    I'm going to close this thread for now. Meet me on the other thread you created above!

    Thank you!
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