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Thread: Fate/Stay Night Hercules Skin

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    Lightbulb Fate/Stay Night Hercules Skin

    I'm not very good with forums but this was an idea that I had and whether it is possible or not i would like it to be heard. One of the things I love about smite is how the gods fit very well with their origins. Hercules is no exception but I don't like how cocky he looks all the time. I would be very surprised and over joyed if a skin reference to the virtual novel/anime Fate/Stay Night Hercules was added to the game. This would give me more reason to play Hercules because he's fun to play but what's missing for me is a berserk like personality. This would be my only request because the game is excellent and I have much fun playing it.

    I take no credit for these Images. I also am sorry if this post doesn't belong here if it is not an original artwork.

    Edit: Sorry for posting this twice, I forgot to add tags and before I learned how to edit new ones in I already created this. If someone can tell me how to remove a thread that would be great.
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