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Thread: New Guy here

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    Quote Originally Posted by omer301 View Post
    So get a warrior as a second role

    I guess that might be the case but my friend told me that I was doing alright and as long as the add is levelling I'm doing good

    So which character should I main and specialise/master? Apollo,Anhur or Ah muzen? Or should I equally use all three?

    Is a third role required / necessary? Cuz a guy told me that 2 roles are more than enough and it is better to have 2 roles than 3
    I'm very interested to hear how you like Warriors, I think you will like them if you build hybrid between defense and offense. Some good tips I have for a Warrior is to start Death's Toll and Hand of the Gods 1, that way you can easily secure your Blue Buff. The Blue Buffs always go to either the Solo laner or the ADC based on the lane. After that, farm for a bit and when you can, back and start building a counter item based on who you are going against. For example, if you are against a mage, start building Stone of Gaia. if you are against a Warrior or Assassin, build Mystic Mail. Then, I'd after a defensive item build Warrior Tabi for the pen and damage bonus. After that, it's really situational, but try to rotate by building a defensive item, then an offensive item, and so forth, but you don't need to, it's just a recommendation and everything is situational. I'd just recommend at a minimum have 2 defensive items, 1 physical protection and 1 magical protection. Chaac is my primary recommendation for you, but you may like Hercules too, he's very solid but is very reliant on landing your abilities.

    Definitely make sure the ADC is leveling well, and make sure you are somewhat close in level and gold. You will always be a little lower than the other team members as a Support, but just try to be somewhat close. Also, I did think to make sure you aren't taking a lot of minion aggression. Minions can really hurt early game, and if you try to run past the enemy minions to attack the enemy lanes, you will take a lot of minion aggro and you may die, so make sure to pay attention to minion aggro. Also, were you making sure you were getting Blue Buff for your ADC? The ADC needs Blue Buff to farm effectively, which helps both of you because of the Watcher's Gift passive. Also make sure to have Hand of the Gods 3, the one where it instantly kills a major jungle monster like Gold Fury or Fire Giant if it's below 25% health, I forgot to mention it's the Supports job to secure those buffs with the HOG 3. It's easy to tell when to use it as well as the health bar on those monsters turns yellow.

    Out of the three you listed, Apollo is the most solid. He is picked very often at the high tier level and played competitively and is very solid. He may take some time to get used to, but I would recommend him. When I first started with Apollo I didn't like him and was terrible with him, but now he's easily my best Hunter when I have to play the role since I played him a lot. Second would be Anhur, as he is also very solid and hits hard. Third would be Ah Muzen Cab, as you do like him a lot and I think you could make him work, just make sure to use his hives well and pay attention to positioning as you have no good escape, where as Apollo and Anhur have escapes. I would mix playing all three of those to see which one you really like, none of them are that bad of choices and I'd recommend play who you like and are the most comfortable with.

    As for a third role, that's up to you. I technically play 3 roles, I main Solo, and then Support is my second backup, and then Hunter my third. I don't think it would hurt too much to learn those roles, as Hunter and Guardian are in the same lane and you will understand the flow of the lane, and Solo is not that difficult. Ultimately it's all up to you, I tend to do well with all 3, but some people definitely just want to stick to a primary and a backup role.

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    Thanks soo much for the help bane , I still don't understand some stuff and what not but overall thanks for all the help

    I guess I'm gonna main hunter and solo/warrior and maybe I might get into a third choice

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