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I submit reports every time I get any dodgy games, but I disagree with that reply being helpful troubleshooting.

The support member in question categorically denied any possibility of it being a server-side problem in the very first sentence, which would completely put me off of filling out the Server Stability Feedback Form. Why bother, if they're just going to deny even the possibility of it being an issue on their end.

It's most likely a copy + pasted generic response, at least the overwhelming bulk of it is, so changing it to "This may be an issue with the connection on your end, here are some things you can do that may improve your connection:" isn't a hard task.
i completely agree, because of that response im not feeling like the feedback reports will do any good to me at all. i went to a friends house and played on his 60megabit/7megabyte dl speed internet and was still getting high ping. if thats his internet...then the world is going to end as we know it.