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Thread: Why I will never buy gems again, and neither should you.

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    Exclamation Why I will never buy gems again, and neither should you.

    So that makes three times I've been banned for, and I quote, "Match Griefing", with no explanation as to what I did, to whom, when, or anything. This is literally the only game I've ever been banned in. Ever. Here are the facts:

    1. I never swear/curse.
    2. I never have left a match during it's progress on ANY account.
    3. I mute people talk trash specifically to avoid this kind of crap. There is zero point in arguing with anyone over the internet.
    4. Look at my stats, I have an insanely high KD ratio. I contribute more than the entire rest of the team combined on many occasions.

    And yet, I log in time after time to "You have been banned for Match Griefing". Exactly what does that mean? It's never, ever, been any "reason" other than that one specifically, and they never ever give any actual information on it.

    At this point, the only sense I can make of it is that it must simply be some mechanic they've built in to force your to continually re-buy the same stuff.

    "We want you to have to keep re-buying our stuff, so here, go make a new account with nothing on it".

    It's gotten old. Real old. So much in fact that I finally just said "screw it". As much as I enjoy this game, if they have no intention to give me any evidence of whatever it was i did, I have to assume it's just a way of forcing myself, the player, to continually re-buy unlocks and from this point out, i'm not doing it anymore.

    Then this "Archon Skin" comes out. Yeah, it's cool, but you know how much it costs in USD? Over $100. For a skin. So what happens when I spent a hundred dollars for a skin, then this account get's banned because someone in some game said in terrible english, "u give me blue or i reprot u!!!!11"

    Oh sorry, yeah you lost it because you're banned again. We can't tell you what you did, but you're a bad, bad person. Take our word for it.

    Forget it, Hirez. From this point out, all my unlocks are with favor only; I'm not supporting you through spending real life currency anymore unless you unban my accounts and explain what this mysterious "match griefing" thing is, what I did to invoke it, and what match it was and when.

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    To have your account banned takes something pretty serious, so it wasn't from one guy reporting you over a blue buff. Have you tried contacting them to ask why?

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    I'm about to buy some gems just because of this thread. Gratz on making Hi-rez more money. Also they don't just willy nilly ban people you did something. Acting innocent does not make it so.

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    I'm pretty sure you didn't get banned for something small..but it would have had to be more than just one person to report you so you obviously upset more than one person. And if you don't want to spend money, that's cool but let the rest of us spend out money how we want. Which reminds me...I should go put money on my card after work to get gems..
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