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Thread: Looking for a group who plays regularly.

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    Looking for a group who plays regularly.

    Hey! I'm a new level 30 player known as WolfHero , and I'm looking to find a group of folks who enjoy having conversations and playing Smite.

    I'm definitely looking to join a group that participates in Leagues, but it'd be fine if you guys are just as decent as I am in general or perhaps a little weaker even. For now, I'm trying to join a group for the gem event currently going on. Maturity is desired, I don't want to lane with anyone who's constantly ticked off at the opposing team or someone who isn't as knowledgeable as they are.

    I'm not that skilled, so I'm also looking for a person or some folks who can take me to where I need to be as far as skill goes. My favorite modes are Joust and Arena, and my weak spots are:

    • Regular buff collection
    • Proper ward placement
    • Going in for the kill
    • Knowing when to step into team fights
    • Consistently checking the minimap
    • Using gods that focus on aim rather than more AoE or global based gods.
    • Knowing precisely what items I can buy that deviates from my build but still gives me a better chance
    • Quick item purchases
    • Combating Assassins, Warriors and Hunters

    My favourite gods to play are:

    • Anubis (Mummify, Grasping hands, Ult. Please die.)
    • Ao... Kuang? (Not sure with his nerf.)
    • Fenrir? (He's jungle-oriented, and he doesn't seem to do well outside of that role anymore... BUT he's a dog, so...)
    • Geb (Passive crit nerfs ftw, I also enjoy the knock ups and being helpful in general.)
    • Poseidon (Building Hastened Fatalis on him is impractical, but hilarious.)
    • Ra (The heals...)
    • Sylvanas (His grab is really slow, but he's just generally entertaining as a support.)

    Gods I want to learn are:

    • Ah Muzen Cab (His auto-attack is off kilter, making him even harder to play. I have dark whisperer from an odyssey chest though, and I'm not good with other hunters as far as I know outside of perhaps Apollo.)
    • Apollo (The stuns seem strong, but his mana usage is an issue for me.)
    • Chang'e (She seems neat in general.)
    • Cupid (He also seems neat. Gods that heal tend to be fun.)
    • Fenrir (Again, he's doggy. I desire to play all the dogs.)
    • Hades (*puts on hipster shades*)
    • Hel (She's so AWKWARD though!)
    • Janus (The burst is right up my alley.)
    • Nox (She had a psuedo-rework, so I want to give her another shot.)
    • Sobek (I was recommended to try him out, so I will.)
    • Thanny (One of the few Assassins that are appealing to me so far.)
    • Xbalanque (He brings me lots of Malice, so I want to turn the tables.)
    • Ymir (He's the original "Nope." god.)

    Further information:

    • My timezone is EST/EDT.
    • I'm 23 years old.
    • My Skype name is abreezeofstephen
    • My Curse name is WolfSDH
    • I don't speak loudly or brashly
    • I can be a little dense when it comes to retaining new knowledge about mechanics
    • This week will be a little hectic, but I'll be striving for the event bonus gems regardless.
    • I'm normally available every day but Sunday from 2:00PM to 12:00PM if I'm not busy.
    • I try to be a team player.
    • I'm currently already in a clan, but I can more than likely abandon it as it's just me and a few friends who aren't on as often as they once were, sadly.
    • Anubis is not a solo laner to me, despite his kit saying otherwise.
    • Ra needs some portrait updates.
    • Oh sorry, I'm ranting a little...
    • ... Erm...
    • ... Do you guys like pasta? Huge fan.
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    hi there.. you can add me up if you need some help or have a game.

    IGN : MaTaADoR

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    Hey, sounds like you should be one of us! hehe
    We usually use skype to contact with each other in-game.
    I'm planning on going to competitive in the future when everyone gets better.
    We could teach you some builds and stuff but you probably know since you're level 30 and it seems like you've been playing awhile.
    Anyways, I'll be glad to add you to my clan!
    Here's more details about our clan:!
    You don't have a clan and you're looking for one? CLICK HERE!

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    if you need someone else to play with we could give it a try ign zinstriker

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