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Thread: Changed needed to 1v1, so far this is the best idea I have came across

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    Changed needed to 1v1, so far this is the best idea I have came across

    Quote Originally Posted by Dammu View Post
    But maybe one of those siege-minion-things from Arena or Siege at some point?
    What this guy said.

    I always thought it be best to allow the phoenix to kill shit that can't be killed or easily killed, like Baka's minions or Loki's 2. But than players could not back door and therefore the game may actually go on longer than it would currently.

    Allowing a stronger than usual minion that can take a real hit to simply stop players just clearing the wave and sitting at the phoenix would be awesome for many reasons, mainly to stop you playing dumb and defending and allowing the enemy to either push you when you go to defend or push the phoenix for a win.

    Knowing is not enough, we must apply.
    Willing is not enough, we must do.
    Even if you do not kill the enemy, forcing them to retreat is still a win, this still gives you time to gain Exp, gold and damage the objectives.

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    I say you should stop until the season ends with your suggestions. Try reddit, devs are in a bigger concentration there. Then the season is nearly over. Stop wasting your time here and grind for plat.

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