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Thread: What other gods should I play?

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    What other gods should I play?

    Hey guys and gals, level 29 player here, I've heard that if I want to play the ranked modes (I'm still kinda hurt that there's no arena league, but I can tell why) I'll need a number of gods mastered. At the moment I have seven of them mastered to at least mastery one, but I'm pretty sure I need more than that.

    Masteries and gods still not mastered:,Qkq8I5E#0

    Based on the gods I've mastered, what other gods do you think I'll be interested in playing? Here's a few notes on the matter:

    • My mastery on Fenrir is solely because he looks awesome. I can't play him to save my life, as he's incredibly weak to me. Brutalize used to be amazing when he first came out and I loved it, but now it's much better to auto-attack seeing as crit is important to an assassin... Which is a shame. Also, when opposing gods hug their minions tightly, they completely ruin his passive... It's either run in and shave half of your health off for a slight damage boost, or stay put and hope they eventually need to run back. His kit can act as a large burst if all of the skills outside of his ult is used, but early on that pretty much shatters his mana reserves completely.

    • I like burst, but I'm terrible at aiming still. I've tried to adjust my mouses sensitivity via Synapse but honestly it hasn't gone too well.

    • I don't have a single Hunter mastered, all of the current hunters are ranged and therefore exceptionally difficult without accurate aiming. The only hunter I really like so far is AMC, but he comes with an unfortunate aiming disability built-in so he's probably going to not be played much.

    • Aside from Fenrir, I also don't have any assassins mastered.

    • I hate the concept of Warriors, despite them showing time and time again to be amazing I still don't like being a tanky bruiser. I want to get in there and deal damage, not go in and be a meat shield to help engage... Which is interesting, considering I've mastered both Geb and Sylvanus.

    • 48% of my matches have been in Arena, since I enjoy it much more than Conquest. Conquest comes in at 31%, followed by Joust (another mode I like) at 13%, Assault at 5% and Other at 3%.

    • I HATE Siege. It's much too jungle-hungry, and I don't like the concept of jungling... It's probably why I don't like Fenrir anymore, considering the only place he seems to work is as a jungler.

    • Mage 61%, Guardian 16%, Assassin 14%, Hunter 7%, Warrior 3%.

    • You can find my other stats by looking up my profile. I'm WolfHero in-game.

    • Ra is fudging amazing. His heals make him an amazing support alone without sacrificing any kind of magic power, but that's coming from mostly Joust and Arena experience.

    I hope these notes can help you guys help me find a good set of additional gods to practice with. Don't be afraid to suggest the newer ones, I have the UGP.
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    Couple of my suggestions (for conquest) for you:

    Hercules - not that many hard to aim skillshots, tanky with ok dmg (make sure to check how to build him before you play)
    Ymir - since you played some guardians, and Ymir requires little skill from player and it`s mostly about the game knowledge
    Hades - little skill required, tanky with dmg
    Kukulkan - hard to master but in games vs terribad ppl even bad players can do a lot with him
    Sobek - not the strongest hero but easy to play and very impactfull early on
    Scylla - hard to master but pretty straight forward hero with lots of burst

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