For me.

1- Kukulkan, he should get a buff on his 1 and a 1 second more for his 3, or at least a better animation for it.

2-Zhon Kui, i've been playing hin and he is one of the least played mages i've ever seen, if he could get back his healing phantoms he would be picked way more than he is now, i would augment the max phantoms of his bag to 25, augment his ult duration to 6 seconds, and add minor healing phantoms, and to counter that he wouldn't lose all his phantoms but instead 1 for each healing and 1 for each damage, healing phantoms are just for self and team heal like 20/30/40/50/60 (+15%).

3-Ra, give his movement passive boost back.

4-Anubis, this isn't a beff nor a nerf, it's just balancing that he needs, less life steal and damage and better mobility, maybe nerfing his passive a bit and his 1 duration taking out his 1 self-root.

5-Agni, he was know as one of the most balanced god in smite alongside ra and poseidon, but he is falling back each patch, he should get a buff on his ult base damage and his passive.

6-Zeus, he is very good as he is now, a saver version of anubis in my opinion, but that suffer a lot with focus being a mage without any AoE damage skills besides his ult, i would love to see a nerf on his ult radius and his ult be changed with his 1, also it would be good to block the use of his 3 if there is no charges, this save the ability if you aren't sure of using it or not (helps some noobs).

7-Chang'e is another one that should get some love in my opinion.