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Thread: Nox ult changes - not impressed

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    If she had MS on her 1 as well, she would be good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mouhappai View Post
    More skill based skillshots was exactly what the community asked for, since the game was getting too dumbed down and easy for some.
    These people don't know what they want. Make a skillshot too hard to land, people cry UP. Make a skillshot easy to land, people cry OP. Meh.

    I do not understand the argument that Nox's shield doesn't save her from basic attacks. Of course it doesn't. What mage has an ability that protects them completely from, say, mercury or Nemesis finishing off their Auto attacks on you? If an assassin manages to get close enough to start hitting you, and you're a mage, and you're alone, you will probably take some serious damage if you don't kill him/her. The shield is meant to defend against burst damage, which it does well enough now.

    Nox isn't my favorite mage and I do believe they could have been a bit more creative with her kit. I was hoping Nox was going to be the second female guardian but i guess we have to wait a little longer for that to happen. She is what she is. I've seen people own with Nox and seen people feed Ethiopia with Nox. I think it's just a matter of preference really.

    P.S I think we should add an addition to the drinking game. Every time somebody QQs about Nox being underpowered they take a triple shot of flaming Absinthe. Every time I visit the forums somebody starts a new thread about Nox. It's getting old. At least QQ at the God Feedback section (I think her thingie is up there now).
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    Just because you suck with a god does not mean they need a buff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olowopeep View Post
    Actually, with the changes to her, her 1 mitigates 90% damage on all levels, and her passive if all candles lit 16% damage mitigation, that means with 3 candles lit plus 1st ability it's 102% damage mitigation, hence immunity to damage like aegis. She is also cleansed of roots and slows when used, granted stuns and knockbacks still affect her. In this regard, Change's 2 is more useful because of hard CC immunity.

    You say not all mages are affected by her in the same way, that is true for other classes aswell. I wouldn't say she's useless against all assasins for example. She counters all gods that are ability based, that means against Thor/Bastet/Thanatos she's actually pretty good. Against warriors/guardians I wouldn't say she's bad, I'd say decent, again, it's not her job to burst them down, her job is to do damage and provide a bit of control with her ult.

    Hunters in a 1vs1 kill her no problem, but then again, who don't they kill lategame in 1vs1? That's what they do, they're hyper carries.

    I would say her early game is very strong, with her passive fully stacked she can easily tank jungle minions on the beginning of game, and has good defense compared to other gods, better than most except Zhong Kui. but she definitely falls off in the lategame because the current meta is filled with gods that can do 100-0 in a couple of seconds, and her main strenght is damage over time. My argument isn't that she's the best god there is, I would probably say mid tier, maybe borderline top tier if used in the right composition. But definitely not amongst the worst gods.
    reading this long winded post i have more thoughts. by the time you get your 1 off...those charges of her candles will be long gone. she isnt cleansed of anything when she uses her 1 ability. Nox creates a barrier of night around herself that mitigates damage from the next hostile ability that hits her. Basic attacks are also mitigated for the entire duration that the shield is up. Nox is immune to knockups, roots, and slows while this ability is active. You say she counters all gods that are ability reliant as well as the assassins mentioned above...but all 3 of those assassins can use ONE ability taking minor damage and get out of range of her ult. thanatos can use his 2 or 4. thor can use his 1 or 4. and bastet can use her 1 ability. and if they get out of range guess what? her ult has been rendered completely useless.

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