So after a while of not playing Nox(or Smite), I went back to her and wow. Things have changed!

Her passive no longer grants the no mana thing. Every candle lit gives her 4% damage mitigation, max stack would be 20% I believe, which is a lot. Her ult can stick to three enemies now, kind of like Chang'e, and if the link's broken the enemy is stunned. :/ Her abilities get 5 second cooldown everytime an enemy uses an ability while the ult is stuck on them.

I had no idea these changes were made. When did it happen?

I was so surprised at how many hits I was taking last game. I didnt do great haha though, haha, Was still in shock.

Based on the changes, I think she'd more a of a tanky mage build? I'm not too sure but Im thinking of working up a combination of cdr and health/protection and see what happens.

Anyway, my teammates had no idea Nox was changed so I figured some of you do not either and decided to post this here.